Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Berlin restaurant is looking for donors of human flesh to cannibal cuisine

Berlin restaurant looking for donors of human flesh to cannibal cuisine

The site offers Brazilian cuisine and, as part of it, cooking a cannibal tribe in that country.

A restaurant opening soon in Berlin has aroused the curiosity, but also outrage by announcing in his inaugural campaign, which seeks donors to offer their customers proprietary cannibals.

"After a medical examination you can decide what part of your body is willing to donate," says on his website in the section "How to join", the restaurant Flime , whose location is kept secret, even though its opening is announced on 8 September.

The establishment also offers for download a form requesting personal data such as the potential donor's identity, age, possible chronic diseases, use of snuff, drugs and alcohol, weight and blood type and even if there is currently pregnant.

His owner, the Brazilian Eduardo Amado, announced that the restaurant "Flime" kitchen provide Wari culture, and cannibalism in the Amazon rainforest, combined with classic recipes from Brazil.

"Following the old adage wari, the important thing for us is that eating is more than satisfy hunger "," Amado said on its website, adding: "We see food as a spiritual act which takes the soul and force of being that we eat. "

"Enjoy" Flim "specialty unforgettable aroma and flavor that they will be excited," stresses its propaganda, which announces a letter with such dishes as "Beef parades sun" or "File ABAF mignon."

The website of the restaurant "Flime" is announcing that they will accept the donor hospital costs, reveals that its location in Berlin will be the first foreign branch and its headquarters is located in the Amazonian town Guajara Mirim , in western Amazonia.

In statements published today by the newspaper Bild , vice president of the Christian Democratic Union in Berlin, Michael Braun, expressed outrage and astonishment at the controversial issue of cuisine.

"I hope that only the case of a bad joke," said Braun, thinking that the culinary curious to obey an aggressive advertising campaign to arouse the curiosity of potential customers.

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