Saturday, July 31, 2010

Can a potato become a truffle?

The potato is a food quite affordable to everyone, while a white or black truffle "-is one of the most expensive in the world.

In addition to grow under the ground, what have in common a potato and a truffle?Well, no much things, but with a little imagination you can establish all comparisons or similarities.

We want to transmit to new generations the dream that a potato can become a truffle," said Italian chef Massimo Bottura, a few days in San Sebastian (Spain) during the official presentation in society Basque Culinary Center .

A potato converted into a truffle ... and said by an Italian, country where white truffles, the famous white truffle, may be quoted at more than seven thousand five hundred dollars a kilo.

The potatoes and truffles have some common history. The Italians, as has been said, calling the Truffle "Tartufo," a word from which came the name of the potato in some European languages: "kartoffel" in German, "kortopfel" in Russian, "kartoffler" in Danish ...

Those names come from the fact that truffles and potatoes have their natural habitat below the ground, and were provided to some semantic confusion when the best South American gift(potato)was spreading across Europe .

The Troisgros brothers , who were among the parents of what was called "nouvelle cuisine" and revolutionized forever and for good Western cooking, they had a recipe called "duo of potatoes and truffles.It is prescribed for wealthy because, although the black truffle's price is less than the white, not that it is something available to all fortunes.

You have to be an equal number of truffle potatoes. These are modeled on the size of those. Both are placed on rack in a steamer pot, cover the pot is in the lower part be because water is allowed to boil, lower heat, and cook everything just under half an hour.

It was brought to the table in the same pot, starting with truffles and potatoes in two or three slices each and arranging them in hot dishes. Put some salt on top, and alongside, fresh butter so that each one will serve your taste. This is the official version.In most economical plan, you can manage with one truffle cut in slices not but in films: it saves a lot.

But a Potato become a truffle... The concern is that these chefs are able to make hypermediatic a transformation nothing crazy: invent a dish of potatoes and cash it at a price of truffles. After all, in the restaurants what is actually paid signature or copyright, no raw materials.

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