Sunday, July 25, 2010

Peruvian Cuisine Book will be Translated into Chinese

Secrets of Peruvian cuisine in Chinese characters are revealed. The Embassy of Peru in China, under the auspices of the Interbank Group, has translated into Mandarin the book "History, anecdotes and recipes of Peruvian cuisine," by Berit Knudsen.

The hardcover edition, which includes an English version will be presented July 28 at the Universal Exhibition of Shanghai , during Fiestas Patrias , which in turn coincides with the day dedicated to Peru in this international exhibition.

This is the first book of Peruvian cuisine that the Peruvian State published in this Asian nation. "We were lucky to find this work, which is a primer, friendly and interesting, delicious and tasty with anecdotes about the origin of our food , says the ambassador of Peru in China, Harold Forsyth.


On the first page of the book, the author writes: "As part of our history, Peruvians recognize the great contributions of Chinese immigrants who arrived in Peru in 1849, bringing with them new ingredients, cooking techniques and an endless source of inspiration .

Now is the turn of Peru. With this initiative, the Peruvian Embassy not only seeks to create interest in our kitchen, but also promote the opening of restaurants Peruvians in major Chinese cities. So far, the only option is the string Shanghai pollerías Grilled Chicken and Blue Peruvian dishes from the restaurant, both businesses of the brothers Eduardo and Marco Vargas.

A litmus test is the restaurant La Cocina Peruana, which manages Eduardo Vargas in the flag of Peru in the Universal Exhibition in Shanghai. Due to the good impact when done this fair opens Vargas Chicha, its first store our food oriented.

Knudsen's book translated into Chinese will be distributed freely, according to Forsyth. "You will receive a copy of those linked to the food, hospitality, tourism, trade and business. Also widespread among the wives of ambassadors to the diplomatic life in Beijing on ceviche and the case begins to be part of the daily scene, "he says.

The diplomat stressed that the food is a non-traditional product, which can mean to us the ability to export a number of ingredients that distinguish the Peruvian dishes. The best cuisines in the world are already present in China, which boasts a vast culinary wisdom. Ladies and gentlemen, the table is served.

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