Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The announcement of a cannibal restaurant in Berlin was a joke

The announcement of a cannibal restaurant in Berlin was a joke.
The German Advertising Council considers that crossed the line.
It was all part of an advertising campaign of the German Vegetarian Federation, who wanted to draw attention to the opening of its new headquarters in Berlin.

The alleged call for a restaurant called Flime that, through its website , looking for donors to offer their customers proprietary cannibals caused expectation in the German capital and made headlines in cities around the world.

"After a medical examination you can decide what part of your body is willing to donate," read the ad, as its opening was announced for next September 8. The local address was kept secret.

"The Vegetarian Federation exist since 1892 but there had never been aroused as much interest as now," Sebastian said today Zösch, manager of the association, recognizing that the alleged restaurant cannibal was not an invention rather than to call attention to the gastronomic movement he leads.

Zösch said his association invented everything, even the fictitious cannibal restaurant owner, identified as Eduardo Amado, Brazil, and who announced in the site that the restaurant kitchen Flime offer Wari culture, and cannibalism in the Amazon rainforest in combination with Brazilian classic food.

"Following the old adage wari, the important thing for us is that" eating is more than satisfy hunger "," Amado said on its website, which claimed that looked "food as a spiritual act in which the soul is assumed and the force of being that we eat. "

The German Advertising Council spokesman, Volker Nickel, today condemned the action of the vegetarians , who he said "have gone too far" and that his alleged good ends do not justify the means.

The office of the Berlin Senator for Health had expressed doubts about the restaurant Flim ever came to open their doors and bragged on the news that could only be a joke in bad taste.

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