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Strawberries protect the stomach against alcohol

Strawberries protect the stomach against alcohol.

Granada (EFE). A team of Italian researchers, Serbian and Spanish confirmed the protective effect of strawberries in a mammalian stomach damaged by the alcohol, said today the University of Granada (southern Spain), who participated in this study.
Scientists provided ethanol (ethyl alcohol) to laboratory rats and found that the gastric mucosa of those who had previously eaten strawberry extract suffered fewer injuries.
Sara Tulipani, researcher at the University of Barcelona (UB) and co-authors, said that the positive effects of strawberries are associated with both their antioxidant as well as enzymes that activate or own body's antioxidant defenses.
The conclusions of the work indicate that a diet rich in berries may have a beneficial effect in preventing gastric diseases related to the generation of free radicals and other reactive oxygen species, so that the fruit could attenuate the formation of stomach ulcers in humans .
The gastritis or inflammation of the lining of the stomach as well as related to alcohol consumption also can be caused by viral infections and by the action of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (like aspirin ) or those used in the treatment of some bacteria.
"In these cases eating strawberries during or after the disease may relieve gastric mucosal injury," suggested Maurizio Battino, coordinator of the research group from the Marche Polytechnic University (Univpm, Italy).
The team found fewer ulcers in the stomachs of these rats before receiving alcohol for ten days had eaten strawberry extract (40 milligrams per day per kilo of body weight).
According Battino, work has not been raised to offset the effects of drunkenness, but to find protective molecules in the gastric mucosa from damage that can cause different agents.
Besides Univpm scientists, UB and Granada, in this study involved researchers from the universities of Salamanca, Spain, and Belgrade, Serbia.

Loved by some and hated by others, the nutritional value of the viscera

Loved by some and hated by others, the nutritional value of the viscera.

The main sources of iron in the diet of many people include milk and fish . However, one type of food often neglected, despite having a high nutritional value, is found in organ meats such as chicken liver, the famous sangrecita or heart, both chicken and beef.
For Rosa Salvatierra, a nutritionist at the National Institute of Health, these foods are a rich supply of iron, especially for people most in need of this mineral in their daily diet as infants and pregnant women.
"In our country there are high rates of anemia among women and children under 5 years, and this situation can be combated with diets that include offal," explained the lawyer.
Salvatierra recommended that the best way to consume foods such as chicken liver, spleen, beef kidney, among others, is to add small amounts to a diet that, by itself, whether it is balanced.
"An addition of iron to maintain a high level of regeneration of this element in the blood, especially in mothers who have spent 9 months pregnant and need to regain their constitution, more so if they suffered from bleeding during delivery," he added.
A reasonable amount in the daily diet is two tablespoons of ground chicken liver for babies from 6 months, or five tablespoons a day for women suffering from anemia or low hemoglobin.
However, high cholesterol and visceral fat can be harmful for people with liver problems, why are not suitable for their diets.
Patients with hypertension or cardiovascular problems should, therefore, seek other sources of animal protein and iron.
To consume with moderation
Jimenez Faviola Peruvian Network of Food and Nutrition, said: "The positive factor is that they include organ meats are high in animal protein and minerals like iron, which are very favorable for the organism, but have a fat level and cholesterol that make them an addition that must be properly dosed at the time of being implemented on a diet, "he said.
"The balanced diet can not be replaced by a single solution. Although organ meats are economic output to supply sources of iron, protein and vitamins valuable, you should not ever ignore the value of meat, vegetables and fruits, which become the central part of a healthy life "said the specialist.
Add two teaspoons of ground in the liver mush babies from 6 months contributes to the formation of bones.
In broths and soups can also consume a small amount of guts to carry the dish with nutrients.
Even mixed with other foods, is necessary to maintain limited to a maximum of five tablespoons organ meats in adults.
You, do you love or hate?

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