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Do not tolerate cow's milk? here four alternatives

Do not tolerate cow's milk? here four alternatives

Those who are lactose intolerant and not have to restrain from taking a coffee with milk or eating cereal for the many alternatives that have emerged. But which is healthier for you? Comparison of the nutritionists.

Calories in a cup: 90 skim.
Advantages: The only natural choice rich in calcium and protein (8 grams).
Disadvantages: Contains saturated fat unless it is skim.

Calories in a cup: 100
Advantages: Contains the largest amount of milk protein that contains no dairy products.
Disadvantages: It contains phytic acid, which inhibits the body's absorption of certain minerals like calcium and iron. Non-organic varieties can be made from genetically modified soybeans.
Calories in a cup: 60 (sweetened)
Advantages: Choice of milk from fewer calories.
Disadvantages: Very little natural protein (1 gram). Neither is good for those with allergies to nuts.

Calories in a cup: 120
Advantages: Very safe for those with food allergies.
Disadvantages: Low natural protein (1 gram), high in carbohydrates (24 grams). Sunflower oils are added as a thicker consistency, but increases the calories.

Calories in a cup: 130
Advantages: Naturally sweet with a decent content of protein (4 grams). Provides two grams of fiber, little, but more than other options.
Disadvantages: Most grains are processed, so it is not recommended for those who can not tolerate gluten.

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Video: Model turned on the TV cooking naked

Video: Model turned on the TV cooking naked

Flora Cheung's model, with only 26, turned around Asia from Hong Kong markets. She is the host of the program Icefire Kitchen, which is circulating on the Internet with great success and is gaining adherents.

And what is Icefire Kitchen? Well, this program attempts to motivate men to cook and learn new recipes and a heart-stopping curvaceous figure before them.
'The apron covers everything but hides nothing. To most men do not like cooking, but now might be interested in doing 'said the model according to the Web' Que! '.

Foods with more fat than a stick of butter, more dishes than you think

Foods with more fat than a stick of butter

The idea of ​​eating a stick of butter shakes you: who would think such a thing! Few nutrients and lots of fat. But many of the dishes you eat cheese or fried covered would be the equivalent of eating a whole stick of butter, which consists of 92 grams of fat .

The daily fat recommendation is 20 to 35% of calories. If your diet consists of 2,000 calories daily, that means you can consume 44 to 78 grams of fat per day and keep your weight. But fatty foods and lack of nutritional value are everywhere and temptation is great. Know what you eat in some restaurants which translates into more fat than a stick of butter.

Fried fish
The fish listed in most of the recommendations for healthy eating, but that does not mean any fish in any method of cooking. The option of 'fish and chips' in the restaurant Applebee's, pieces of fish and chips, does not sound healthy, but it's amazing that consists of 138 grams of fat, like eating a bar and a half of butter and equivalent of the fat portion of three days.

Salads misleading
Salads are healthy, right? Lettuce and tomato are diminished if filled with bacon, fried chicken, tortillas, creamy dressings, croutons, cheese and eggs.

The salad ' Crispy Chicken Salad "IHOP has fried chicken, bacon, two kinds of cheese and a boiled egg, comes with garlic bread and add about 95 grams of fat. At Applebee's is the ' Oriental Chicken Salad ', whose problem is the dressing. The combination of vinegar, chicken, almonds and noodles adds about 41 grams of fat, but with dressing the sum rises to 99 grams of fat.

Burgers are exaggerated
Considering the size, the companions, the cooking method and bread, burgers can be part of a diet. But the problem today is the size of the burgers. A portion of meat is generally considered three ounces, as the size of a stack of cards. You can control the serving when you prepare the meat yourself, but you never see a three-ounce burger on a menu.

The average restaurant size ranges from ¼ to 1/3 of a pound, many consist of bacon, cheese and mayonnaise, which can accumulate up to 92 grams of fat, like a stick of butter.

Burgers that exaggerate the ingredients
Hamburgers, pizza, burgers and quesadillas, burgers instead of bread are donuts ... the possibilities for a more greasy oily stuff are still endless. As in the salad, the ingredients added to the burgers can make all the difference, especially when fried.

Many shakes and smoothies can be healthy, but they can also contain hidden sugars and fats. A chocolate milk and peanut butter Cold Stone Creamery containing about 131 grams of fat - the equivalent of 68 strips of bacon.

Meals of fried chicken
The fried chicken is delicious and there is no doubt. To make a plate of fried chicken less harmful to your health, try to pair it with vegetables, eat white meat and remove the crisp skin. Also watch your portions. A meal of three pieces of fried chicken with a biscuit and a full - as combos in fast food restaurants - may amount to 108 grams of fat.

All that cheese, sour cream and guacamole can be translated into many grams of fat. Other ingredients such as fried chicken could be fried. Tortillas are usually covered in butter to give them a golden appearance. If you want a quesadilla, better opt for an appetizer portion.
The chicken quesadilla from Ruby Tuesday's sounds very innocent, despite his peppers and grilled onions, consists of 95 grams of fat.

Friday, April 27, 2012

KFC will pay $ 8 million FOR poisoning a child

KFC will pay $ 8 million FOR poisoning a child

An Australian court ordered the fast food chain KFC to pay compensation of $ 8 million a girl who suffered brain damage due to salmonellosis caused by eating a 'twister' chicken in one of the restaurants in the chain has Sydney.

This tragedy occurred in 2005, but the trial continued until now. Monika Samaan The girl, then aged 7 years, spent six months in a coma and suffered brain damage that affected her ability to speak.

'Monika is now a bigger person and the family home is increasingly difficult to raise and care for their basic needs while caring for their brothers', said the family attorney.

Despite the fact, KFC has shown no interest in wanting to help this young, they say they will not receive a penny, concluded the lawyer.

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10 bad habits when cooking

10 bad habits when cooking.

You may have some bad habits in the kitchen of which you are unaware. Some might prevent the dishes come out perfect, while others may put your health at risk. These are some bad habits you should consider breaking.

1. Heat oil until it smokes. Many recipes begin with heating the oil in the pan. Usually takes to heat the stove, pour the oil and wait. But when the oil reaches smoking taste changes. And if it overheats the oil several times loses its antioxidant benefits and is harmful compounds. The oil becomes bright when it is ready, do not wait for smoke free.

2. Stir the food too. It is tempting to remove food constantly to prevent burning, but you can not do too much because it avoids the browned, what brings out the flavor by allowing the food to stay on a hot surface. When you remove too much food loses its structure and becomes pasty. Resist the temptation to constantly stir unless the recipe calls for it.
bad habits when cooking
3. Overfill the pot. Cooking requires patience and sometimes think that filling the pot or pan of ingredients will cook faster. But maybe not, you could end up with delays and pasty food. If you want to skip the overfill the pan will cause steam crunchy and not the result you need. Same goes with meat, when you include too low temperature of the pan very quickly, which can cause sticking, among other problems. It is best to cook in batches, will be worth the extra time.

4. You do not give rest to your meal.'re Hungry and eager to eat the steak you just remove the grill. But it is better to let meat 'rest' before use. This way the juices redistribute through the meat and get more juicy meat. If you cut too soon the juice stays in the chopper and not in the flesh. Let rest for about five small cuts or 10 minutes and larger roasts like a turkey, about 20 minutes.

5. Rinse the meat before cooking. Rinsing the meat in your sink could remove the slime from the meat, but could contaminate your sink with bacteria that could potentially cause foodborne illness. Best removes excess undesirable residues.

6. Use nonstick pans over high heat. High temperatures can cause the non-stick pans release coverage PFC, perfluorocarbon, in the form of gases. PFCs are linked to liver damage and developmental problems. Check your pan to see the temperatures recommended by the manufacturer.

7. Using metal utensils on nonstick pans. Using metal utensils on nonstick pans is not recommended because you can scratch the surface of the pan and possibly ingesting PFCs. Use wooden or silicone.

8. Mix hot liquids without removing the cap from the blender. Most blenders have a removable cap on its top. When hot liquid mix removes the cap because the vapor pressure could create content that will make the plug ejected and with it a big mess in your kitchen. Better remove the cap and cover the hole with a towel to prevent mess.

9. Use glass containers in the broil. Pyrex brand is a favorite for cooking, but if you use the oven rack is better to use a metal container. The Pyrex are not designed for high temperatures of the grid. If overheat could break.

10. Over mix. When you mix baking sheet on the ground. When exaggerate the mixture formed in the gluten flour making baked goods tougher. Make sure that the dough is smooth.

Restaurant 'Heart Attack Grill' shows that it can cause a heart attack

Restaurant 'Heart Attack Grill' shows that it can cause a heart attack

or the second time someone has collapsed after consuming one of the dishes from the restaurant menu Heart Attack Grill, located in Las Vegas.

The restaurant, whose name refers to the medical term 'Heart Attack', is food on the menu named as the Bypass Burger, and allows people with more than 350 pounds overweight foods on your menu for free.

It is reported that last Saturday, a woman described by the owner of the restaurant and about 40 years old, had to be transported to hospital after consuming hamburger Bypass, apparently after suffering a heart attack.
 Is the second time in three months that a customer of this restaurant has collapsed after eating there. Last February a man, also in his 40 years, collapsed after consuming the Triple Bypass Burger from 6,000 calories, 3 times the amount of what a man should consume active at that age, not to mention the amount of fat extra which is submitted to the agency, with hamburgers that exceed two pounds of meat and cheese 8 slices. As if more were needed, you can add 20 slices of bacon for additional fee. Another of their burgers, the Quadruple Bypass Burger, has nearly 10,000 calories.

The restaurant "attracts people who do not mind taking care of your health," said the owner, Jon Basso, a Los Angeles Times .

Who is more guilty? Does the owner to offer these dishes, or consumers who, even knowing the caloric content and possible damage to the health of these burgers, do not hesitate before ordering?

¿White sugar or brown sugar? Which are the differences

¿White sugar or brown sugar? Which are the differences

At the word sugar quickly think of fine white grains ... the result of a refining process of sugar cane. But what actually happens?

The sugar used to sweeten begins as plant juice extract containing the highest amount of sugar: cane and beet sugar, which account for 60% of world sugar production. The juice then goes through a long process where it is purified and filtered, then boiled and crystallized. The crystallization process produces a liquid called molasses. To separate the liquid crystals, sugar is placed in a centrifuge.

The product is raw sugar, with a light brown, which is refined again for clarification using chemicals to lighten the color. At this point you have fine white sugar, granulated most common variety. Although far removed from their natural way, is still more natural than artificial sweeteners aspartame made in the laboratory.

In the process of granulated sugar, many other types of sugar are made. First, is the byproduct of molasses, ideal for baking, followed by other varieties from light brown sugar to the darkest.

Learn about the varieties of sugar available:

Granulated Sugar

This is the sugar that everyone recognizes as "sugar". The more refined class flowing because all the liquid has been removed. This variety can be used for baking or for coffee, tea and other beverages. Available in fine and coarse sugar.

+ Best use: For baking and sweetening beverages. Sprinkle coarse sugar in baked goods before placing them in the oven. The finest variety is ideal to sweeten cocktails and make meringue or other foods that require rapid dissolution.


The brown sugar is basically refined white sugar with added molasses. This sugar has a high moisture content and is prone to empelotarse. Available in light brown sugar (3.5% molasses) or dark (6.5% molasses).

+ Best use: Bake. The chocolate chip cookies are better with brown sugar because the moisture helps to be watered and golden. But do not want to use in a recipe that can be very heavy, like a pie.

Also known as sugar manufacturing and sugar glaze, powdered sugar is refined sugar finely ground. Usually contains cornstarch to prevent empelote.

+ Best use: Baking and desserts. Used to decorate a cake or frosting and sprinkle baked goods.


The raw sugar is partially refined sugar and raw parts with a natural brown color. It comes in different styles - some wetter than others with a high molasses content. The crystals are larger and not as brown sugar empelotan business. The types of raw sugar include Demerara, Turbinado and Muscovado, which has the darkest color, the higher moisture content and stronger molasses flavor.

+ Best use: Sweeten drinks, but takes longer to dissolve. The raw sugar is not recommended for baking because the crystals do not dissolve, you can sprinkle on baked goods before placing in oven.

Installed ATM that gives medical marijuana in California

Installed ATM that gives medical marijuana in California

Los Angeles, California. - Defenders of the medicinal use of marijuana launched this week in Southern California a "cash machine" to deliver the product to consumers registered on prescription.

The company launched the Labs Dispense ATM in the city of Santa Ana in Orange County, where consumers can get the drug on a machine that recognizes fingerprints and the use of a patient's record card.

The company said that this measure will face the black market and give more control and registration of patients who prescribes medical marijuana as permitted in this state since 1996.

ATM that gives marijuana

The company offers to install vending machines identical to those of sweets, chocolates and drinks, qualified clinics in the state, with an income of more than two thousand dollars a month.

The company was founded by Joe De Robbio, who says that security measures will prevent fraud and misuse by the use of special cards and access codes secret.

Users can pay with cash consumption and credit cards at ATMs that will be on duty 24 hours a day.

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The only bubbles in a beer that goes down are the Guinness brand

The only bubbles in a beer that goes down are the Guinness brand

Surely many of you will have no fixed, or maybe if, who knows. But many think this event a great puzzle bubbles. A mystery that captivated many drinkers times and times spent together watching the bubbles fall down in that glass of frothy ale. Many people claim that ALL carbonated beverages are always bubbles up, with one exception, Guinness beer.

If bubbles of this stout down instead of up, where do they go? They had to be members of the British Royal Society of Chemistry which solve the puzzle.

The beer barrels marketed contains certain amounts of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The high pressure of the dissolved gas allows the formation of small bubbles and the foam generated served feature of the Guinness.

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Do you live with a diabetic? How to help,Tips for better understanding

Do you live with a diabetic? How to help

If you get to live so close to a person with diabetes, it is possible that more than one occasion have questioned his decision not to undertake any activity that had already committed and assume that every time he says he feels tired or unwell, draws attention.

These mood swings and fatigue in people living with diabetes occur and are not figments of the imagination, but rather may be a sign that in fact is not going well and it is advisable to review the medical treatment that is subject and is also valuable to note that these are not depression.

Observe at what point in the disease present, consider the patient's age and lifestyle, will help identify the true cause of their mood disturbances and physical ability.

Most who are diagnosed with diabetes, have a negative history of the disease, either because they are cases of people who did not receive appropriate care and, therefore, the physical exhaustion was higher or because the concept of "chronic degenerative disease," is assumed to be a death sentence, but the reality is different.

 This explains why they may fall into depression that follows from their minds. "These ideas influence how the individual develops, this sense of loss and vulnerability, emotionally affecting, sleep quality, develop insomnia and this is reflected in their capabilities,"

At the physical level, he said, with the decay can answer that does not follow recommended care, he states, it ensures a better quality of life, since concentrations level off blood sugar, blood pressure, operation the body, reduces disturbance of limbs, the target organs and affects the morale and confidence.

The effective way to ensure that there is a manipulation of the patient with diabetes is to provide support, understanding, companionship, respect for their fears and concerns, and create networks of communication for the patient to speak freely and without fear of judgment, their needs and the positive or negative about their health. Remember that the principle of the misunderstandings in the inability to tell the truth fully.
Tips for better understanding

Believe him any symptoms he describes, understand and find an answer together.

Develop a list of changes that occur both emotionally and physically and Talk it over with your doctor.

Have a variety of active and passive activities, to have entertainment whatever his mood.

Do not let negative thoughts stop in talks with the patient and emphasizes the positive aspects of his life and himself.

Let him speak freely and not feel reprimanded when you choose to leave their occupations.

Starbucks dye your drinks with Insects!!!!

Something that few knew. And now Starbucks will no longer use the dye ground-based insects that gave the characteristic color to their products.As a result, from June, will opt for lycopene, a plant pigment that gives the characteristic red color of tomatoes, watermelons and other fruits.

This decision was taken following the decision of more than 6 000 500 people who signed a petition against the unusual originated dye.

It is noteworthy that the insect in question is the cochineal (Dactylopius coccus Costa). According to a document that was published on its website, Starbucks used the pigment in the Frappuccino Strawberries & Cream, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Raspberry Swirl cake, birthday cake Pop, among others.

Top 10 superfoods for weight loss

Top 10 superfoods for weight loss

Discover the science behind these foods that help you lose weight.


Slimming powers. A large kiwi contains 84 milligrams of vitamin C, more than the recommended daily allowance. Vitamin C helps form carnitine, a compound that carries fat into cellular mitochondria, where it is burned for energy during exercise.

The test. People with low levels of C in the blood burned 10% less fat per pound of weight while walking than those with normal levels of C, a study of Arizona State University. When subjects received a dose of C, its ability to burn fat quadrupled.

Wild Salmon

Slimming powers. The omega-3s from fish may help you burn fat more effectively. These alter the expression of certain genes, making your body burn fat instead of storing it.
The test. In a study of Public Health Nutrition which analyzed the diets of 35 000 women, those who ate fish two to four times per week had the lowest basal metabolic rates, a common measure of body fat.

udan a eliminar algunas de las calorías y grasa que ingieres de otros alimentos. Slimming powers. Four to five grams of fiber contained in this fruit not only supply but also help eliminate some of the calories and fat you eat other foods.

The test. People luncheon an apple 15 minutes before lunch consumed cheese tortellini 187 fewer calories than those who did not eat anything before, according to a study by Penn State University.


Slimming powers. Total protein, quinoa has the essential amino acids needed to build muscle to speed up metabolism.

The test. People with reduced calorie diet who ate 115 grams of protein every day lost 22% more fat after four months than those who ate 70g per day, according to a report in The Journal of Nutrition.


Slimming powers. These vegetables are rich in resistant starch, a carbohydrate that could promote the burning fat and shrink fat cells.

The test. In one study participants who consumed a meal with 5 grams of resistant starch - which is in ¾ cup cooked lentils - burned 23% more fat per 24 hours than those who did not consume starch, concluded Researchers at the University of Colorado.

Olive oil

Slimming powers. Monounsaturated fats found in olive oil could potentially turn on genes related to fat burning and storage.

The test. People in a low-calorie plan emphasizing monounsaturated fats and complex carbs lost almost double the weight than those who consumed the same calories but less fat and total protein and carbohydrates, a study of the Archives of Internal Medicine.


Slimming powers. Eggs are loaded with choline, a compound known because it helps block fat absorption.

The test. People who consumed eight weeks of two eggs, toast and jelly for breakfast, five days a week, lost 65% more weight than those who ate breakfast with the same calories, but without the eggs, according to a study published by International Journal of Obesity.


Slimming powers. Free Greek yogurt or low fat regular and yogurts contain 20% or more of the daily dose of calcium. The mineral slows the production of cortisol, a hormone that promotes the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

The test. People in a low-calorie diet that included yogurt lost 81% more abdominal fat than those on a similar plan but without yogurt, a study from the University of Tennessee.


Slimming powers. These contain the same resistant starches the lentils, which help the body burn fat. These starches may also increase the production of the peptide hormone that point to the brain when to stop eating.

The test. After a breakfast and lunch including resistant starches, subjects consumed 10% fewer calories over a period of 24 hours compared with similar foods with placebo, according to a study by the University of Surrey.


Slimming powers. Supplement soy beans 17 grams of protein per cup and your body burns more calories digesting protein as carbohydrates and fat processing.

The test. Federal investigators University of Vicosa found that people burned 70 calories more per day when your morning meal consisted of soy protein than other protein.

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Growth hormone, forever young, or scam?

Look tired, lose energy and have no sexual appetite are situations in which more than one person goes through. But this is not a question of age, but often due to lower production in the body of somatropin, growth hormone. This alters the development of daily activities, as it loses energy and yield less.

Growth hormone is comprised of peptides that represent a protein, at the same time, it is secreted in the pituitary gland. This hormone is essential to develop in adolescence, both for height, bone and neural level higher.
Like other hormones, about 35 years of age, the body stops producing the right amount of Somatropin. The decline of growth hormone causes certain functions in the body will be diminished, and thus lost muscle strength, decreased libido, there is less sexual potency, hair falls, there is a loss of smoothness and lubrication to the skin, and chronic fatigue occurs.

Maintaining the appropriate level of growth hormone has the benefits:

Increase cardiac output (HGC can be a great anti-aging supplement for your heart)

Restore muscle mass

Decrease body fat

Improve sleep >> Natural remedies for insomnia

Reduce wrinkles (HGH stimulates the growth of elastin and collagen) >> Foods that will help you fight wrinkles

Lost hair grows back

Restore hair color

Increase energy lasting energy without sugar >>

Lower Cholesterol without drugs

Restore the size of the liver, pancreas and heart

Improves vision

Improves memory >> help mental focus

Improves mood

Increases resistance

Improves immune system

Increases sexual desire (HGH levels and penile growth may be related)

Fighting osteoporosis (HGH stimulates growth of bone and cartilage, the dose is very important to avoid side effects)

Growth hormone, forever young, or scam?

Why Swiss cheese has holes?

Why Swiss cheese has holes?

No, the little holes in Swiss cheese are not the product mischievous mice. The reason for the holes in Swiss cheese, called eyes in the world of cheese, is more scientific.

The proper name is Emmentaler Swiss cheese and this gets its distinctive appearance and flavor thanks to the bacteria that turns milk into cheese. All cheeses contain bacteria that help them develop into edible products, but the bacteria is not the same for all classes.

To make Swiss cheese, cultures of the bacterium S. thermophilus, Lactobacillus and P. shermani. shermani are mixed with cow's milk. The bacteria helps create cheese curds, which are soaked in brine and pressed into cheese molds. The cheese is then stored in 72 to 80 degrees F and left to mature.

At this point is when the bacteria really works. Their job is to free lactic acid and other bacteria, a gas-consuming. This bacterium, P. shermani, releases carbon dioxide when consumed lactic acid and forms bubbles. The bubbles do not disappear, pockets are formed in air resulting in the hole in the Swiss cheese.

The size of the holes can be controlled by the creators of cheese through the acidity, temperature and time of maturity, making it possible to have Swiss cheese "Baby" option and regular. 

The chips can be as addictive as marijuana - BEWARE

The chips can be as addictive as marijuana

Fatty foods produce much satisfaction and is very hard to stop eating them, like a drug, the study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The proof of the truth can now be carried out. You take a bag of potatoes, you open and you try to eat only one.Hard ¿right?Something will push you to eat another and another and another. You might eat the whole bag. The stoicism and strength of will should be measured by this kind of parameters.

Not surprisingly, when a fatty substance is ingested, generates a signal that travels to the brain first and forth through the vagus nerve, reaches the intestine and stimulates the production of endocannabinoids in the gut, so called because they have effects similar to cannabinoids that has marijuana

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What are probiotics? and How can they help you?

What are probiotics?

One day you hear someone say that taking Omega-3 fatty acids to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, another day, someone tells you that you have to take vitamin-D to lose weight, since studies indicate that those with less than this vitamin in your body, it seems, are more overweight. No evening comes, and someone asks you if you take probiotics.

If you not taking anything - for now-and you question whether you need to include a supplement to your diet. Especially, the latter: probiotics, in which studies suggest benefits not only to maintain healthy intestinal flora, but also to combat acne, strengthen the immune system and improve the conditions of various gastric problems such as feeling stomach bloating and irritable bowel syndrome.

"Probiotics are" good "bacteria, which have a positive impact on health. We tend to think that bacteria only cause disease, but more than 100 cultures of bacteria on the contrary, benefit the organism" says Shekhar Challa, president of Kansas Medical Clinic, author of Success "Probiotics for Dummies".

Since about 80% of the immune system reside in the intestine, keep in balance the intestinal flora is very important. In fact, Rushda Mumtaz, MD, a gastroenterologist at St. Luke's Medical Center, notes that "disturbances in the intestinal barrier, due to poor nutrition and / or excessive medication, among other factors, trigger inflammatory processes that may contribute to development of allergies and other intestinal diseases. "

The intake of probiotics has been proven in some studies, positive effects to re-colonize the good bacteria when exposed to antibiotics and stomach problems like diarrhea. In this regard, Challa indicates that "women may benefit even more than men, because probiotics can help prevent and / or improve urinary tract infections that tend to attack more women than males."


 There are many types of bacteria, among the most recommended by experts are the cultures of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium - they must appear first in the ingredients of the supplement you decide to purchase.

Certain brands of yogurt and foods are excellent sources of probiotics, such as:

- Fermented milk products like yogurt and kefir
- Food soy such as miso, tempeh, soy beverages and some
 - Sourdough breads

Para Challa, resulta difícil ingerir cantidad de probióticos necesarios vía To Challa, is difficult to get much needed food via probiotics, this is why, the expert recommends including a probiotic supplement containing between one and three billion units of colonies.

Not just about adding to your diet foods high in probiotics, but also those that act as precursors of these bacteria. In this regard, Challa argues that pre-Probiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria that are present in the body.

So, be sure to add to your diet: bananas, onions, garlic, asparagus, flaxseed, whole grains and legumes. All of these foods, combined with those containing natural probiotics, can help you fight from stomach inflammation, colds and even acne.
This is where a yogurt with a banana can be a remedy for your stomach and your skin.

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The worst iPad apps for cooking

The worst iPad applications for cooking

There are of them controls the cooking of eggs until they are told what food is left in the refrigerator

If the you use your tablet or smartphone for everything, including cooking, here are a selection of the best and worst applications for use between pans and vegetables, prepared by Joy Planet magazine.

Grocery Gadget – Shopping list
They say the idea is not bad. Arm your shopping list, separated by the budget, paying attention to the coupons. The detail is that it is very complex, it has a good design and is made primarily for use only in USA.

Beer timer
Sounds the perfect app. It specify what beer you bought, divide it by category and presentation. Also alerts you when your beer is already chilled in the refrigerator. However, the problem is that the application asks you to drink is at 20 ° C when put in the freezer. It is very rigorous.
Egg timer for the PRO
It's a free timer that calculates you just enough time to boil eggs. Works for Android tablet. Once the egg is in the water, the time is set taking into account the desired point, the temperature and to the diameter of the eggs. The latter complicates things.

Meat cooking reference
If you want a guide to cooking times for their meat, this could be. However, "the cuts are American cooking methods are limited and time is calculated by piece, not by weight." It is full of advertising and not very useful.

Perhaps the most ridiculous of the market. It's a box of chocolates to be emptied and filled. It costs $ 0.99 and serves to eat virtual chocolate not fattening.

The best tablet applications for cooking

There are of them controls the cooking of eggs until they are told what food is left in the refrigerator

If the you use your tablet or smartphone for everything, including cooking, here are a selection of the best and worst applications for use between pans and vegetables, prepared by Joy Planet magazine.


If you are someone who feels lost or temperature measurements, this is your choice. This will make the exact conversion for your recipes. The measures: cups, ounces or quarters. Temperatura: de grados Fahrenheit a Celsius y viceversa. Temperature: Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. At the same time have a long list of products that will make life easier. It costs less than a dollar and says the website is one of the "most complete and effective."
Is an application for iPad' at $ 1.99. It controls what is in the refrigerator in an orderly manner. "Ideal to know exactly what there is, how much and the due date," notes Joy Planet.

Campbell's Kitchen
Basically, it's a recipe. Scan the barcode of any product and suggests what to cook. Muy divertido. Very funny.It has a function that sends options to guests and they can decide what to prepare. It is free for iPad, iPod, iPhone and all Android devices.

Kitchen Pad Timer
As its name implies, is a clock. It controls the cooking time of your meals. Able to control nine watches and also has a favorites option to include frequent firings. It is $ 0.99.

The recipe box
This app together is an organized system of recipes. Worth $ 3.99 and, as we say this website, you can identify each recipe with a photo, copy and paste from any website, add notes, share content via e-mail and to bring a shopping list.

Free Shipping Store

Free Shipping Store
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