Monday, November 5, 2012

Jack Daniel's launches a special edition of its whiskey in honor of Frank Sinatra

Jack Daniel's launches a special edition of its whiskey in honor of Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was a big whiskey drinker. But not for everyone, but his favorite Jack Daniel's. So, as a tribute to this great artist and true lover of his drink, the brand has just announced the launch of a special edition.

Yes, an issue devoted entirely to "The Voice" and they have given the name of Sinatra Jack Daniel's Select that comes in a liter bottle with a label which shows the classic hat Sinatra and within a gift box in which you can also find a book that tells of the singer's devotion to whiskey called Nectar of the Gods.

But that is not all, because their presentation is not only unique, but also its taste, color, maturity and preparation.

With accents of orange, Frank's favorite color, made in barrels selected by the Master Distiller Jeff Arnett to give a fuller flavor and darker color, then mix it with the classic Old No. 7, resulting a soft drink, but turn with spicy and smoky flavors.

This year, it was learned, can be purchased at major airports around the world and the exclusive shops of the U.S. and perhaps other countries.

Westvleteren is recognized as the best beer in the world.

Westvleteren is recognized as the best beer in the world.

Manufactured in Sint Sixtus Abbey, a Trappist monastery located near the village of Westvleteren flamingo. The Trappists belong to the order of the Cistercians and follow the rule of St. Benedict, so that in turn are based Benedictine monastic life in the rule "Ora et labora", forcing them to switch manual work with prayer . So all Benedictine monasteries were devoted to fertilize the fields and produce the odd product to sell.

Sint Sixtus Westvleteren Trappist monastery is the only one that does not introduce Belgian beers in the channels of commerce, but only sold at the door of the monastery, by appointment by phone and giving tuition that will collect the car, always depending on the available stocks, as their annual production has never been higher than 4750 Hl.
In 2010 the monastery was deplorable state, so the only solution was the construction of a new annex to this monastery. After asking for economic aid to other monasteries, public institutions, businesses and anonymous donors, the proceeds were not sufficient to cover the costs of new construction, therefore the option adopted by the community was one-time marketing your best product Westvleteren XII, elected by popular vote in, for several years, as the best beer in the world.

The beer has been drawn to the Westvleteren 12 (coinciding with the year 2012) with 10.2% alcohol, and is recognized as the best product. It has made ​​a special bottle, decorated for the occasion, with a nice logo and the motto "Ad Aedificandam Abbatiam Adiuvi" meaning "I have helped in the construction of an abbey."
The only beer is sold in a kit also decorated with the image of dark brick that was used in the construction of the new monastery, conveying the idea that the buyer paid employees one of the bricks. This case contains six bottles and 2 glasses, being too different from those normally used in the bar "In de Vrede" facing the monastery, bearing the same logo in gold Westvleteren XII.

Thus, the abbey has contacted the top importers of Trappist beers in the world and offered a select few the opportunity to deliver a batch of Westvleteren XII over 2012. By limiting production, each month take extra production for a country, so that by the end of 2012 will eventually return to its normal rhythm. Furthermore, the lots are drawn, so that each knows beforehand when importing the batch will Westvleteren. For Cervebel and for distribution in Spain has played this April. In Belgium exhausted the amount of 93,000 cases expected to market in one day.
The conditions agreed with the monks in Spain guarantees the sale of a pack per person and include:

The sale will be made ​​exclusively on the Internet by a page created for the occasion.
From a date will open this page and the first 3500 people to make their firm order receive their case.
To mail the equipment sold in each zone the relevant distributor for distribution in premises chosen.
The address of the website created by Cervebel where there is still a case for sale is this:

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