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A diet high in salt and low in potassium will cause premature death

A diet high in salt and low in potassium will cause premature death.

One study looked at the long-term consumption of sodium. Experts recommend eating more fruits and vegetables.

Chicago (Reuters). Below the salt shakers. Eating too much salt and low potassium may increase risk of death, researchers said to the U.S. government.

The findings of a team from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Disease Prevention contradict a controversial study published last week indicating that there was no evidence that making small reductions in intake salt reduces the risk of heart disease and premature death.

"Salt is still bad for health," said Dr. Thomas Farley, health commissioner of New York City, who is leading a campaign in five years to reduce by 25 percent salt in restaurants and packaged foods , and wrote an editorial accompanying the new study.

Most health experts agree with Farley that eating too much salt is not good for your health and to cut their intake can lower high blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart attack and stroke (CVA).

The CDC study, published in Archives of Internal Medicine, focused specifically on recent research showing that a diet high in salt and low in potassium is especially risky.

The researchers observed the effects of long term consumption of sodium and potassium, as part of a 15-year over 12,000 people.

At the end of the study period, 2270 participants had died: 825 of those deaths were from heart disease and 433, blood clots and stroke. The team found that people who ate too much salt and low potassium were running more risk.

"People who ate a diet high in sodium and low potassium were 50 percent higher risk of death from any cause, and nearly twice the risk of death from heart attack," said Dr. Elena Kuklina of the CDC, who helped lead the study.

The expert said that consumers should increase their levels of potassium in the diet by adding more fresh fruits and vegetables such as grapes , spinach , carrots , sweet potatoes , milk and skim yogurt .

The industry group called the Salt Institute challenged the results, noting that the CDC study found that the relationship between salt intake and heart disease was statistically insignificant.

Robert Briss, director of the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion at the CDC, said the findings generally support the evidence and suggest that high doses of sodium are linked to poor health consequences.

"If sodium high blood pressure increases, potassium decreases it. If the generated sodium retention, potassium helps eliminate them, "said Kuklina.

Instead of focusing only on the salt, she said that researchers should aim to balance between potassium and salt. "We try to do both: reduce sodium intake and increase potassium intake," said Kuklina.

Top Five foods to stay always in shape.

Five foods to stay always in shape.

They are rich, they give you a feeling of fullness after eating, and above all, give you important nutrients

The trick to avoid those unwanted extra pounds is not so much deprived of food , but choose well and consume them in appropriate portions. Being on diet is not necessarily synonymous of sacrifice.

"The diet meals are somewhat confusing to many people. What are they? Are these foods low in calories, fat, sodium, sugar, gluten free, etc..? "Said Jane Korsberg, the department of nutrition at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland (USA), who believes we should rethink the whole concept of dieting.

As reported , Korsberg is more beneficial to learn to feed. "The emphasis should be on choosing healthy meals every day and change our lifestyles for the better. "

How do we start? Knowing the advantages of these five foods to them out the "juice."

This fruit has two benefits: it is rich in dietary fiber, and then eating it makes you feel full. Fiber helps to have a healthy digestive system and lowers cholesterol.

In addition, the texture of the apple to chew makes us well before eating it. For work performed, our brains think we have had enough and sends the order to satisfy our body.

They are perfect as a snack between meals, provided they consume only a handful each time. "An ounce (a little over 28 grams) contains only 167 calories, plus carries 6 grams protein and 3 grams of fiber. Both nutrients can make you feel satisfied longer, "the article said.

The fish is part of the diet of many people who care about maintaining her slim figure. But specifically salmon can increase levels of satiety.

"A study published in the" International Journal of Obesity "found that when dieters eat salmon more than once per week lost about double the punds that those who did not consume any fish," they report.

And that's not all salmon have relatively few calories (about 175 per 85 grams) and is also a good source of protein .

There are people who believe that eating eggs is not very healthy because of the cholesterol with the yolks. However, the article notes that it is a good tool in the battle to maintain ideal weight.

"Research has shown that eating eggs for breakfast can help to combat weight gain during the day (...). Although proteins are able to fill any time ingest, some scientists suspect that when eaten in the morning you can feel satisfied throughout the day, "they say.

Undoubtedly, the vegetables are part of any healthy diet. But there is something special about tomatoes: tasty. "A cup of cooked red tomato has only 43 calories, but you know as well as a large number of high-calorie foods."

Light Creamy Cherry Cake

Light Creamy Cherry Cake

Ingredients for cake:

  • 4 egg whites
  • Light 70 grams sugar
  • 70 g self-rising flour
  • 30 g of corn starch or corn starch
  • Lemon or orange zest


  • 400 grams white cheese light
  • 2 egg whites
  • Light 50 grams of sugar
  • 300 grams of cherries a natural
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract


Sponge cake:

Beat egg whites until stiff with sugar to form a French meringue. Incorporate dry ingredients gradually, mixing in surrounding form and add the zest.
Once integrated the dough, place on a plate with wax paper and vegetable spray
Bake at 180 degrees for 10 minutes (depending on oven) until cooked but not browned.

Prepare a meringue with egg whites and sugar.
Cherries bring to a boil in little water with a little bit of sugar to form a light syrup and use it to moisten the cake. Beat cream cheese, add the meringue surrounding form and finally halved cherries.

Place on a sheet of acetate waist of the cake on the bottom and sides of it. Soak with syrup. Pour the filling and carrying refrigerator until completely firm .-

The ideal is to do an overnight, it is much richer, as the flavors concentrate better. You can do this with any fruit you like: pineapple, pears, peaches, strawberries (raw, but light).

Burn Fat. Supplements to Lose Fat

Burn Fat. Supplements to Lose Fat

In this article we will present some supplements that will help you lose fat, remember that sports at least 3 times a week for a period of 30 minutes is good for your health and helps you stay in shape as well as eating healthy .

Here we will list the supplements and the recommended doses:

Vitamin C

Recent research highlights the properties of vitamin C to increase the body's ability to burn fat and help reduce fatigue.

Dose: 500 to 2000 mg daily of vitamin C.


Carnitine is used for various bodily functions, one of which concerns the transport of fats into the cell's mitochondria, where they are consumed to produce energy. Carnitine taken before exercise helps burn fat and reduce fatigue.

Dose: 500 to 2000 mg as L-carnitine or acetyl L-carnitine, before breakfast, 30 minutes before training or in the evening.


Is a trace mineral critical to the production of thyroid hormone. Selenium is a component of an enzyme that helps convert the thyroid hormone thyroxine thyroxine trioiodea responsible for maintaining high metabolism.

Dose: 200 to 400 per day with food.


This mineral is critical for bone health, but also helps you lose fat by reducing the amount of fat absorbed by the intestines.

Dosage: Approximately 1000 mg daily with food.


Possess low levels of zinc leads to low testosterone levels, a low metabolic rate and increasing the difficulty of losing fat.

Dosage: Take before bedtime, ZMA supplement containing about 30 mg of zinc.

Tyrosine and green tea

As an alternative to the stimulant effects of ephedrine products, test the amino acid tyrosine with green tea.

Tyrosine increases the production of neurotransmitters (dopamine and norepinephrine) that influence metabolism, including muscle growth and muscle fat reduction.

Take 1000 mg. morning before breakfast and another 1000 mg. before each workout to trim fat and feel full of energy.

Drink 4 cups of green tea a day has proven effective in burning calories.

Take tyrosine and a cup of green tea before aerobic exercise in the morning and watch you burn more calories than if you were to take what does not.

Dose: 500 mg of green tea extract three times a day.


A type of alkaloids that act as stimulants stimulate adrenergic catecholamine production and release of adrenaline from the adrenal medulla which in turn releases the hormone-sensitive lipase above acting on beta receptors on fat cells to mobilize triglycerides and releasing fatty acids in blood plasma.

Caffeine for possessing an addictive nature and undesirable effects on the body should be provided progressively as long as no adverse effects. The amount to be administered based on body weight and sensitivity to the effects of caffeine.

Dose: 100 to 300 mg with breakfast and 1 to 2 hours before training.

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