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Peruvian Recipes, Aji de Gallina, Tips for cooking

    1 large chicken
    8 cloves garlic, minced
    1 stalk of celery
    1 bay leaf
    1 carrot, cut into 4
    2 onions, chopped
    6 slices of bread soaked in milk (about ¾ cup milk)
    50 g or 2 tablespoons crushed pecans
    1 k (2.2 lb) of white potatoes, cooked
    50 go 2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese
    10 black olives
    3 boiled eggs to decorate
    ¼ cup oil
    Parsley for garnish
    Optional: ½ cup milk
    150 go 6 tablespoons yellow pepper fresh
Boil the chicken in hot water to cover it, (35 minutes if chicken, the chicken takes longer) with celery, bay leaf, carrots and salt until they are tender. Reserve the broth (1 / 2 cup). Drawing, cutting up and shredding the meat.

In a separate pan fry in oil, chopped garlic, chopped onion, peppers and pepper. Cook until the onion gets transparent. Add bread soaked in milk and stir. Lighten with chicken broth. Add a little more milk if necessary.

Add to this ragged chicken. Stir well. Add salt and ground pecans.

Place the chicken chili in the center of a platter and put some cooked potatoes and cut into halves. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

Garnish with olives, boiled egg and parsley.

Serve with white rice.


If it happens on plate: Serve 2 / 2 potatoes per person, covering them with sauce, garnish with boiled egg, olives and accompanied by rice.

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Pachamanca, Peruvian Recipes, how to cook peruvian food

Pachamanca, Peruvian Recipes, how to cook peruvian food.

The Peruvian Andes is characterized by memories of pre-Hispanic cultures in their foods. So the presence of potatoes (potatoes), beans and corn, all of which were used by colonies naturally native to the Peruvian valleys.
Pachamanca: Typical dish prepared in the Peruvian mountains of different types of meat that is buried underground with potatoes, and various herbs and tamales for several hours.

    Ingredients for 10 people:
    Half a baby lamb.
    Ten geese,
    Ten ears of corn,
    300 grams of ground pepper panca.
    100 grams of pepper.
    A leg of lamb.
    Panca 500 grams of cheese.
    Banana leaves.
    Paico and salt.
    Ten spare ribs.
    Two chickens.
    Three guinea pigs.
    Ten humitas.
    Ten potatoes.
    Ten potatoes.
Preparation: Make a regular hole in the ground and clean place stones on the bottom. Meanwhile, in a strong fire, you're heating flat preference other stones. This operation will make you nearer the hole, because then you have to place these stones with a hoe as forming floors, from the bottom up, also place food stories, first the potatoes, geese and potatoes. Place over hot stones.

On the second floor, place the meat seasoned with ground pepper panca, salt and pepper. On top of these meats paico spreads between ground floor and place banana leaves to protect the food cooked underground between land thus avoiding. Then put more stones of fire. On the next floor and put the tamales cooked, boiled beans, guinea pigs, lots of cheese and corn. Re-cover with more banana leaves

Peruvian Recipes, PERUVIAN CEBICHE and Leche de Tigre, tips for cooking

One of the prides of the Peruvian and Latin American cuisine is ceviche. Renowned worldwide for its unique taste and presentation, has put Peru in the list of dining destinations par excellence. Both its etymology as their origin, have been causing controversy among the countries preparing this dish, no clutch its history is linked to Peruvian pre-Columbian history. 

This delicacy is undoubtedly sample a fusion of cultures over the years, and is, in its purest representation shows the taste of the cuisine that invites locals and visitors to enjoy, not only with the same Ceviche but with the refreshing and challenging leche de tigre.
Traditional recipe
Makes 8 servings:
1 kilo of fish
12 lemons
6 cloves garlic, minced
2 onions
1 red pepper mountain
Green pepper 1 tablespoon ground
parsley and cilantro
Salt and pepper

After filleting and fillet the fish, cut into small dice shape. If the fish is really fresh, it is best not to immerse the dice in salt water, but we recommend soaking for impurities. Put the fish pieces in a bowl. Then add the minced garlic, pepper and green chili powder. Revolver. Separately, chop onions lengthwise. The source is squeezed lemons. You add salt to taste, stir and let it marinate for 20 minutes. Then parsley and cilantro is chopped, covering the fish with the onion, adorning it with chopped or sliced ​​mountain pepper hot pepper to taste. Finally, sprinkle salt on the onion and a little squeeze of lemon. Garnish with lettuce, boiled sweet potatoes and corn.
From this basic recipe are some variations to the dish, the main we have in Chile seafood ceviche with chilli and oil in Argentina without chili, ie non-spicy, Ecuador with lemon and orange juice in Panama with frayed fish in Costa Rica with biscuits and tomato sauce and chopped tomatoes in Mexico and avocado (avocado) and other presentations.
Leche de Tigre - Tiger Milk
So the juice is known to produce the ingredients of ceviche, is bitter and spicy, served in some places mixed with a little vodka or Pisco, popularly known as an excellent tonic and as an aphrodisiac. It is famous for the power to remove the discomfort after the excesses of a night out. Served in a small glass next to this entry. '

-You can substitute the fish for shrimp.
-The fish should be very cool.
-The fish must not have thorns.
-Use grouper or sea bass fillet.
-Ginger is strong and is very pleasant and aromatic.
-The onion is an excellent disinfectant, is laxative and good for the nerves.
-The onion improves circulatory and renal disorders.
-The lemon has medicinal properties, energy and nutrients.
-The lemon helps maintain strong immune system, is ideal for the treatment of rheumatism

Meet this black tea that is a hit in China

The drink , known as 'pu erh', has a mild flavor and delicate. In 2002, every ounce was sold to $ 250
Wednesday November 9, 2011 - 03:46 pm

The unique tea dried and fermented black, called 'pu erh', caused a sensation in China for its delicate and smooth taste. However, in the last twenty years, their prices have gone up and so only people with high income can afford.

Fifteen years ago, a small family owned company managed to recover the reserves Lam Tea 'pu erh', which were at a restaurant in Hong Kong that had been closed. Since then, the merchandise has increased 10 000 times its initial value and the Lam family has been successful thanks to this special tea.

"It's like magic. You can feel the taste and smoothness on the palate leaving, "he said Sam Lam, Lam company director for AFP, while preparing the beverage according to the Chinese ritual.

Despite its popularity, farmers in Yunnan province, China still kept secret all the way to cultivate the 'pu erh', which has been considered "national pride" in this country.

The tea is sold as compact biscuits, wrapped in a paper with the name of 'crude grasn'. In addition, a low quality version is sold in restaurants at affordable prices.

"Good tea is grown at high altitude and depends on the weather," Eliza said master Liu. According to the state newspaper Global Times, a lot of 'pu erh was sold to $ 250 a gram, at the beginning of the black tea fuebre this

In Peru it is easy to become obsessed with peruvian food, sentenced British magazine

In Peru it is easy to become obsessed with peruvian food, sentenced British magazine.

The site specializes in Travel and Tourism Concierge stressed that our cuisine is based on humble ingredients but high quality

20 years ago, Peru lived difficult moments. He was victim of terrorism and was well behind economically. However, the current outlook is totally different, the average income of most Peruvians allows people to enjoy certain tastes, like going out to eat at a restaurant . This added takeoff Gourmet , has made ​​Peru one of the culinary destinations in South America, says the website specialized in Travel and Tourism Concierge .


In a lengthy footnote, the publication highlights the tourist virtues of our country, paying particular attention to the wide gastronomic offer: "There are a variety of ingredients from rice , coffee, fruits , fish, Andean tubers and cereals. "

"Peru's cuisine is based on humble ingredients. What is cheap and basic in Peru, is expensive and spectacular anywhere in the world. There are 84 different microclimates that allow you to deliver outstanding quality inputs ... so easy to become obsessed with food, "says the publication.

The writer and journalist Patrick Symmes, visited some restaurants in the capital as the Fiesta, where he was impressed with the cause , rice with duck and the pisco sour. He also visited the cebicheria La Mar, which proved the best seafood.

Before leaving for Arequipa, visited the market where he discovered some fruit Surquillo "exotic". Already in the White City highlighted the "shrimp soup, the tamales and the Andean Potatoes. "

Australian firm promises healthier fries and burgers

The potatoes have lower levels of fat and salt, low in sodium. The products would be 40% more healthy

Singapore (Reuters). An Australian company plans to make burgers , fries and other products marketed by the main operator of fast food in the country to a healthy 40%, using the vegetable okra and other natural ingredients.

Colltech holistic, based in Perth and Malaysia, and operator of 620 restaurants Australian Red Rooster, Chicken Treat and Oporto, develop and use a patented ingredient exclusive period of two years in Australia , said CEO Holistic, Rajen Marnickavasagar. two companies will develop salt with low sodium, low-fat potato chips and low-glycemic flour Holista patented, which can help cut about 40% of the problem four "s" of the food chain, said Rajen .

The new products use okra (okra) dried and powdered, lentils and other natural ingredients that were certified as GRAS ("generally regarded as healthy" as an acronym in English) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), said Holistic CEO, Rajen Marnickavasagar. According to him, no difference in taste.

"We are the only company to have a comprehensive solution to the four" s "(as they are known by its initials in English): salt, sugar, starch and saturated fat," the executive said, adding that when taken on a commercial scale, the products could change the industry billionaire.

The businessman said that there is a tsunami of these four elements that invades the fast food industry. "These foods are cheap, abundant and highly addictive. But they have led to an epidemic of obesity in the world, "said Rajen.

The global obesity has doubled since 1980, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), mainly due to an increase in the consumption of foods high in fat, salt and sugars. The disease is the fifth leading cause of death.

According to the latest statistics available, 1,500 million adults and 43 million children under 5 years were overweight in 2008.

¿Which are the benefits of Pork ?

¿Which are the benefits of Pork ?

The meat is a nutrient that is present in our daily diet because it is a major source of protein. But we must also take into account that in many cases amounts of fat gives us that we must keep in mind. This is precisely what has always been attributed to pork , which we kept out of our diet high in fat, considering that endangered our health. For this reason in this post we want to see other properties of pork.

Due to these considerations and the bad press that was created around this flesh, we created a breed of pig with less fat to be more healthy for the human body. In addition, the value placed on the Iberian pork raised outdoors with all-natural products, and numerous studies echoed the benefits of this meat for human health. So this time is going to stop your benefits.

Nutritional Benefits

First, before seeing the benefits it provides is necessary for us this means the nutritional value of pork. Like all meat food, we must keep in mind the high content of proteins of high biological value. Specifically, this type of beef contains an average of forty three per one hundred grams of product. This is necessary to emphasize its moderate fat content, which is smaller than people think, since the average is nine percent of the content.

These nutrients must be added doses of vitamins that gives us this kind of meat. We will highlight the thiamine, vitamin B6, niacin, riboflavin and vitamin B12. All of them needed to maintain proper health and get in the tissues that make up our body. To this we must add its high content of minerals such as iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, necessary for the correct time to maintain body biorhythms.
Benefits for the body

It is true that pork is varied and its fat content depend greatly on the area that we are consuming. The part that gives us less quantities is back, you simply have around the three percent of fat. This is a very hearty and rich on the palate, easily digestible by the body and is very useful for our food.

Pork is also highly recommended in times of growth, since it is a food appealing to children because of their distinctive flavor. To this we must add its high protein content which is what helps us build body tissues and thus achieve a perfect development, both in childhood when we are growing, as when we are older and want to get a perfect muscular development.

Pork also help to keep us active and full of vitality, and it contains high doses of thiamine necessary to achieve proper assimilation of carbohydrates by the body. To this is added the important role that this substance at the time to strike a balance in the nervous system because it has an important role in proper functioning.

Potassium is also a necessary and essential mineral in the body. Specifically what is this mineral is responsible for the proper functioning of muscle and smooth running of the movements of the various muscles of the body, including the heart. For this reason, potassium brings us pork helps to maintain proper functioning of the body.

It is true that most of the fats that contain pork are saturated, so you will need to not abuse of this food. As we have always discussed in Viton, we should not demonize any food and do not necessary in our diet, since the ideal is the variety and a balanced diet that accommodates all kinds of food equally, we all bring significant benefits .

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Camel milk ice cream, an eccentricity with health benefits

It is popular in North Africa and is already produced in Holland. It can be taken by people with lactose intolerance

"Someone told me I was crazy to open a camel farm," recalls Frank Smits, a breeder of camels that begins to confirm that his idea of starting a business with these animals was a big decision.

Smits owns the first breeding of camels for commercial purposes in Europe, located in the Netherlands. As reported by the BBC , who spoke with him, major customers, of course, are the Arabs.

What is striking and profitable ice cream from camel milk goes beyond taste: it has three times more vitamin C and half the fat than the traditional version, explains the aforementioned means.

FOR lactose intolerant
It is noteworthy that since last year called attention to the experts for their kindness. "It may be taken by people with lactose intolerance without any problem. Unlike cow's milk, this does not cause allergies and and has high levels of insulin, "said Ulrich Wernery, Veterinary Research Center of Dubai, the" Daily Mail ".

According to the half-English, although its taste and appearance is similar to cow's milk, its composition is closer to breast milk.

Jawbone Up digital bracelet that tells us how to lead a healthy lifestyle [Video]

I think I can say without fear of being wrong (at least too much) that Jawbone Up is the most amazing gadget I've ever seen to improve our health and lead a more balanced life.

The fact is that this gadget is the pump. This is a bracelet, which incorporates a series of sensors to monitor things like our pulse and our steps, continuously without interruption, and when I say "uninterrupted" I mean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And this is it for?

It is very simple. The gadget is used with an iPhone App that will serve to connect to the internet and: registering all of our data, learn about our cycles of physical activity, sleep, meals, etc, allowing the bracelet to do things as incredible as waking at the right time with a gentle vibration (no alarms or surprises).
In addition, we also propose challenges, we suggest what we should eat and things like that, which is pretty cool.

To give you an idea of the potential of this great device, here's a short video, I am convinced you will not leave you indifferent.

PlateMates | Crowdsourcing to determine the nutritional value of what we eat

PlateMates | Crowdsourcing to determine the nutritional value of what we eat.

Keeping a food diary is a rather tedious task, which can be much more bearable if we use the power of the internet.

Thus, Harvard researchers have created PlateMates, an online service that uses crowdsourcing to determine the amount of calories you are eating, avoiding having to resort to an expert nutritionist.

His mechanics are very simple. On the one hand, we photographed our plate smartphone, which is posted on the website and sent to anonymous users, to which they will reward you with a few pence in the event that its analysis is consistent.

At the moment the project is experimental, but we must recognize that the idea is very good and getting good results.

Is it the end of nutritionists?

Folic acid: its important functions and how to prevent deficit

Folic acid is a nutrient very esuchado for all of us, however, often do not know what his exact role in the body and how to incorporate it into our diet. This is a B complex vitamin and then we tell you what their important functions and how to prevent food-deficit.
This vitamin called folacin, folate, or folic acid , is synthesized also our bodies, but we can get it without problems with the food we eat every day to meet the daily recommendation of 400 micrograms for healthy adults of both sexes.

Functions of folic acid Among the important functions of folic acid enter their participation in the formation of red blood cells, there is a nutrient needed to prevent anemia . Also involved in the synthesis of substances necessary for proper DNA formation, therefore, the deficit in pregnancy and childhood should be avoided to prevent failures in neural tube formation and congenital malformations.
On the other hand, folic acid helps the body in different activities, promoting enzymatic processes and their action is often combined with vitamin B12. 

How to prevent folic acid deficiency 

In pregnancy and even gestation period for both men and women seeking conception, should be a good supply of vitamin D to promote the proper development of the embryo and fetus. Also, folic acid deficiency can lead to macrocytic anemia called, because the flaws in the production of red blood cells that they are generating large but low levels of hemoglobin inside.

To prevent the deficit is not only necessary in the diet consumed an adequate amount of this micronutrient, but also be aware that their lack may be secondary to some diseases.
In the diet, we can include folic acid by eating tenera liver, brewer's yeast, red and white meats, whole grains, eggs and green leafy vegetables like spinach, watercress, lettuce or spinach.
It is also important to know that vitamin C can the body that folic acid is activated, therefore, an adequate intake of this vitamin also helps to prevent folic acid deficiency.
This vitamin has important functions in the body that we deserve to know and keep watching your intake through diet.

Which are the hottest peppers in the world?

Which are the hottest peppers in the world?

A few months ago, in Edinburgh (Scotland), there was a competition of tasting dishes that contained the secret sauce Kismot Indian restaurant, which is considered the hottest in the world. However, the event was interrupted because more than half of the participants began vomiting and wheezing.

Paul Bosland, professor of horticulture at the University of the State of New Mexico, explained that overly spicy foods can cause death because the body reacts violently to foods considered harmful, reports the web CukmI .

In this situation, Scoville Food Institute has developed a chart that plots the Scoville scale of measurement of the itching. Ranging from less spicy (since 1.2, etc..) To the truly 'hot' (since 53 and 54). example, in the top 20 are the famous jalapenos, which are very hot while in the last location (54) we find the fearsome Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, the world's hottest pepper, according to the book of Guinness World Record . However, they are also other varieties of peppers as mirasol (18 in the list), rocotillo (16), Serrano (28), and so on.

The American chemist Wilbur Scoville developed a simple method to establish approximately the spice of a particular food, in 1912.

In the procedure used capsaicin, the chemical compound found in peppers and fruits and responsible for stimulating thermal receptors of the skin, especially mucous membranes. Diluted in sugar water until chile extract the spicy disappear.

After passing by a jury, found that a chile without capsaicin does not sting, but the weakness of the experiment lies in its vagueness, because the test is subject to human subjectivity. Nevertheless, the peppers are known for providing plenty of vitamin A and C and be powerful antioxidants.

High alcohol consumption doubles risk of stomach cancer

High alcohol consumption doubles risk of stomach cancer.

This kind of evil occurring especially in men and is one of the worst prognosis, as is found in advanced

High consumption of alcohol, more than 60 grams a day doubles the risk of stomach cancer , one of the worst prognosis because they have detected in advanced stages, according to a Spanish study published today.

The research was led by the Nutrition Unit, Environment and Cancer, Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) and the Institute of Bellvitge Biomedical Research (IDIBELL), and has been published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition .

According to the study, the relationship between alcohol and gastric cancer occurs only when consumption is high and occurs especially in men, as there are few women who consumed so much alcohol.

A glass of beer or a glass of wine are between 10 and 15 grams of alcohol.

The main risk factor for developing gastric cancer is chronic infection by Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium that produces an injury that, over time, can evolve and develop cancer. 
However, other factors are also known to increase the chances of developing it, such as snuff, a diet low in fruit and vegetables or a high intake of salt and red meat.

The report is part of the EPIC (European Prospective Investigation Into Cancer and Nutrition study), a study based on the experience of patients in 23 centers in ten European countries (Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain , Sweden and United Kingdom).

It is the European study with a larger number of participants: includes 521,457 people between 35 and 70 years who were recruited between 1992 and 1998.

Gastric tumors are the second leading cause of cancer death worldwide, with over one million deaths every year.

Ten tips for eating well to stay at the perfect weight

The perfect weight is something most of us pursue. For this reason, and to do what we are following a series of simple tips that will change not only our habits. These are simple gestures that will improve our diet and thus the results thereof, substantially improving the results we get when holding the line and get to stay at the perfect weight.

Many times we are lost as far as eating is concerned. We simply must follow a set of guidelines . This time we'll just see ten ways to make our food is much more complete and sound.

First we have to opt for low calorie foods or at least those who make the most of the calories they give us. It is therefore important that we take the hands of those whole foods we provide calories, but in complex ways that will be slowly released and our body will be able to use at any time. To this we add the sweets and saturated fats, which must pass a background.

When eating out should always opt for salads and vegetable dishes to make up our menu. To this we add the food to the grill or oven, which must prevail against us fried foods provide more calories. time of purchase is essential to choose the right foods. One tip is to not ever go on an empty stomach, because if we do this we tend to buy more products and more fat calorie.

Always have fruit and vegetables at home is essential to maintain proper health and the line in perfect condition, as we will eat each day for these foods that are necessary for the proper functioning of our body and receive doses of vitamins and minerals needed.

The food you prepare should be simple and be made ​​to the poor, ie, leave aside sauces and ingredients such as cream or butter enriched foods as far as taste is concerned, but they give us empty calories and unnecessary. Therefore it is appropriate to replace spices or vegetables that will give our dishes a unique taste and healthier.

Avoid heavy meals and heavy. Eat plenty of food will slow down your metabolism and burning calories to lowest. It is therefore necessary to take some food along several times a day to keep your metabolism active and thus consume more without hardly noticing.

If we choose to eat foods like pizza or burger, which is always associated with high doses of calories, we choose to do so in the most healthy. You need to prepare us in our home every one of these foods to avoid the poor quality of food that we use and ensure that it is a good and healthy food, full of nutrients.

Be careful when dressing the salads that we buy because we can not abuse the olive oil even. You need to simply use a small amount. For more flavor you can opt for aromatic vinegars do not have many calories.

The bread we have to control as all the carbohydrates that we consume in our diet, because you need to know that the evening is not too desirable, and although we can not be comprehensive consume what we please, caloric intake as it may be too high if we are not going to eat with physical activity.

Nuts are high in calories, but are highly recommended to maintain health of steel, so we recommend simply eating five pieces a day of whatever kind. If we opt for the roasted without salt the better, or can be much better still raw, and we avoid the fats that have brought us fried.

These ten tips are simply a series of recommendations for our daily life easier and to make us realize that is not as difficult or sacrificed to maintain healthy habits to maintain our health and thus the line.

Useful tips to reduce food portions, weight loss easily

The size of the portions of food has increased in recent decades and it can be a major determinant of caloric intake from our diets and weight of the progressive increase of the population. Also, r educe the portions of food consumed is a good strategy to lose weight eating varied, so, here are some tips to make it.

By implementing the following tips can reduce food portions, not only at the time of consumption but also to prepare meals or shop for ingredients:

    Do not eat the container, package or source familiar. Always eat what's on your plate or in your place.
    Use smaller plates to serve the main course, so as to see the full course but eating less.
    Drink water or other calorie-free drink before a main meal. It calms anxiety, distend the stomach and allow you to better control the amount consumed.
    Eat more slowly, drinking water, leaving the utensils aside and chew each bite well, this also reduces the portions consumed.
Help yourself first vegetables in the dish, so that the small remaining space to be located less meat, cereals or other foods with more calories.
    When drinking alcohol or other beverages with calories, tall, thin glasses used to replace short and wide glasses that will earn more when it is actually much less than or equal portion.
    When buying food, choose smaller pieces, for example: 1 piece of chicken girl, a steak or smaller fish, 1 small hamburger or, f interaction meals or smaller portions with less elabóralas fill, smaller thickness or width.
    In a restaurant, share a rich entrée or entrée chosen as an entry that tend to have smaller size.
    Bring dishes and served to the table and refrigerate or freeze the remaining amount not to continue eating "because there" afterwards.

Quality control is of great value when caring for the diet, but in terms of food the amount also matters, especially if we continue to eat balanced and varied. Then, put these tips to reduce food portions consumed and will be easier to control the amount consumed.

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Tips for cooking with vegetables

The vegetables are always considered when selecting stars healthy foods, however, their method of cooking can affect your quality nutritional and caloric intake or fiber of the same, therefore, that the vegetables will not become healthy and bring benefits to the diet, here are some tips for cooking with vegetables.

    Do not let them soak, because during this prolonged water bath can lose a lot of vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants, better wash with plenty of cold water before using them to prepare a meal.
    Do not cut too much, because the smaller cut a vegetable greater the magnitude of nutrient loss, then, to boil best to use the entire piece or in large chunks and salads, best hand cut leafy vegetables and other , cut in a not too small just before eating.
    Cooking q ue your skin prevents excessive loss of vitamins and minerals during cooking so steamed, baked or boiled.
    To boil vegetables, use as little water as possible and cover the pot, cooking such as steaming. The more water is more diluted water-soluble vitamins and minerals.
    C Ocine in the shortest time possible, because the longer the cooking loss of nutrients. To reduce the time are recommended pressure cookers, cooking in a double boiler or steam where there is a higher temperature and therefore the time required for cooking is less. Furthermore, it is always advisable to let the vegetables crunchy and do not forget while it cooks.
    For frozen vegetables, pre-cooked without thawing or not take much in the thawed, at which micronutrients may also be lost.
    Use vegetable fritters for no more than 2 times a week and reaching the correct temperature, so it does not absorb so much fat and not increase both calories.
    A good option is to cook en papillote, wrapped in paper and in the oven, which retain flavor and nutrients.

While it is advised to consume vegetables at least once raw in the day, we can also cook healthy with vegetables using the advice aforesaid.

A handful of nuts every day helps to reduce belly

The nuts were once the antithesis of a diet to lose fat and weight kilos, however, an increasing number of studies that highlight their strengths at the time of thinning . So much so that eating a handful of nuts a day may help reduce belly fat and lose located in that area.

Data is thrown a new study from the University of Barcelona published in the Journal of Proteome Research, and indicates that eating 30 grams of nuts for 12 weeks helps improve the body's serotonin levels, reduce hunger, decreases the blood sugar levels and localized fat in the abdomen.

Its high content of omega 3 and action levels of polyphenols with antioxidant benefits are responsible for claiming the role of nuts in obese people, because in spite of concentrating energy and fat content, nutritional quality and consumption of small amounts daily can improve cardiovascular risk factors and thus help you lose belly and treat obesity and associated diseases.
A handful of nuts between 5 and 8 for breakfast, as a healthy snack, including a salad or a sauce is the recommended serving daily to enjoy these and all the benefits that nuts can offer to health.

Leeks: A good source of vitamins and minerals in this time of year

Leeks: A good source of vitamins and minerals in this time of year.

The leek is one of the vegetables more aromatic than we can invest in different preparations. But it is a seasonal food is a great source of vitamins and minerals in this time of year, so much so that we can not stop using leeks in their best period of production.

In 100 grams of this vegetable highlights the content of the following micronutrients:

    267 mg of potassium
    50 mg of phosphorus
    16 mg of magnesium
    64 mg of calcium
    103 mg of folic acid
    30 mg of vitamin C
    123 mg of vitamin A
With only 29 Kcal, 2 grams fiber and 92% water, the leek is a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals that we can easily obtain at this time of year through meals. Leeks can be part of a homemade sauce, a pie filling or pies, dressing or be the basis of a stew or soup.

Its flavor and nutrients justify their consumption in this time of year to get vitamins and minerals your body needs.

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Five of the best mobile applications to find restaurants

Five of the best mobile applications to find restaurants.

Looking for a new restaurant to eat or want to experience new flavors, but do not know where to go or how to find it. Do not despair. Lifehacker listed some mobile applications that will help you find local novel where you can enjoy a variety of cuisine.
Initially, this application was used to make restaurant reservations through your smartphone without having to call or go to the same place. Currently, OpenTable allows you to see a map of restaurants, which increases your search options. Furthermore, you make reservations you can earn points, win prizes and you can even read the comments of members of the community.
It began as a BlackBerry application and is characterized by its slogan: "Shake to randomly select an option for lunch," singularity, so far, delights its users. With Urbanspoon can share opinions, find nearby restaurants, read reviews from magazines and blogs specialized in gastronomy .
Restaurantes, Alimentación, Gastronomía, Curiosidades
With this application you can show that you are enjoying those dishes, you can also browse and view the images that others have in the community of Foodspotting . What characterizes this system are the pictures and comments from users.
It is a service you are looking for local restaurants. After attending one of them, a score can be measured, write a review and add pictures of the room. It is a perfect application if you are looking for a good restaurant based on the comments of other diners.
It is relatively young compared with other applications. Google Places gives you information on restaurants, cafes, bars and other destinations (such as ATMs, banks and gas stations) that are close to where you are. In the Android system, the application is part of Google Maps.
Now that you know these five applications do you prefer?

Tips to recognize a bad cook

Tips to recognize a bad cook.

Some people do not have the gift of cooking and, sometimes, to surprise the others have to say that exquisite dishes are yours when in fact bought in a restaurant or supermarket.
In this sense, the web Chow presents some signs that will help us identify a bad or evil chef before starting to taste the food.
Long nails and well maintained
In general, women who cook have short nails as this makes them easier to snack foods, besides being considered an indicator of hygiene.
Pantry full of canned goods
Watching that scene, we can imagine that with canned ingredients can not be prepared a delicious lunch.
Immaculate kitchen, AS IF YOU DO NOT USE
It is not law, but an indication that this scenario was not used recently. A used kitchen tables, knives and pots still wash in the sink give us hope that the dinner was prepared by our chef occasionally.
Odd beliefs
Imagine if you check any strange ingredient, this will improve the flavor of your food or give a different touch that will make it unique. The theme of the merger allows certain licenses, but do not overdo. Always be sure of what you do.
If a person has been cooking for years, then that means he has accumulated a number of useful tools in the preparation of food. However, the one with a battery of tools indicate that it is not shower (o) in cooking. The issue is knowing how to use them.
A (a) cook (a) always has some tips, secrets and supplies to help your food has a pleasant taste, a flavor something like a trademark.
Explain precisely NOT YOUR RECIPE
In the middle of dinner the subject almost always leads to how the chef managed the dish so tasty: what used ingredients like spices, how long were you in the pan or the oven and at what temperature. Those who do not know these details only managed to invent an answer or change the subject.

How to make hard-boiled eggs to avoid a bad smell on the lunchbox

How to make hard-boiled eggs to avoid a bad smell on the Lunchbox.

This food is one of the most complete in existence. However, many mothers do not usually send it by its strong smell

As a child my sisters complained to my mom for the contents of her lunchbox bread with tuna or chicken juices (strawberry, pineapple, banana, etc..) and hard-boiled egg. Everything could be tolerated but that, leaving the smell was unbearable boiled egg. They say that almost was "breaded" by her classmates when in his "taper" appeared oval profile of this food.
I did not run the same 'luck' to them, but I witnessed the 'social lynching "that meant opening a" taper "with the content pump. My friends were 'wood' to the unfortunate and condemned the punishment of their ridicule.
Many of us have been there and I'm also sure that a good group of mothers choose not to send hard-boiled egg in the lunch box so as not to hurt their children, but also deprived of a snack highly nutritious and complete .
Needless to say, the egg contains protein , healthy fats, vitamins , minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients the body needs. According to Sandra Nutritionist Wages, American Institute of Egg, this presentation (cooked) is one of the healthiest. She gives us an important tip to make the egg does not emanate an odor so strong in the lunchbox.
A few weeks ago presented the formula for perfect boiled egg . This time we offer tips to avoid bad smell: once you are ready, place in a bowl of ice water and when it is already peeling room temperature, then, "once this is very cold, is placed in the taper, "said Wages.
"The problem is that mothers put in the hot egg taper grip and that's where a strong odor." The truth is that many mothers, like mine or yours, more or less woke up and there you were starting your busy day. That is, not enough time to cool the egg and then put it to taper.

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