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The effect of coffee is in our minds, says study

The effect of coffee is in our minds, says study.

"In the mornings, I just wake up after drinking a cup of coffee." Does that phrase sound familiar? It is something that many people who consume caffeine quite often say. Well, apparently that idea would be more psychological than physiological reasons.
Scientists at the University of East London looked at how "real" is the effect of coffee: As reported by "The Daily Mail" , studied 88 volunteers used to take at least two cups of beverage per day.
One group was given coffee regularly, but told them it was decaffeinated. While the other was given the drink without caffeine itself into believing that contained it. Then I did some tests designed to measure the activity of mind, resilience and humor. 
While the first group showed better performance in some tests, did not seem to have a better ability to react. And on the other hand, those who thought they had taken caffeine had better results in all tests.
In conclusion, everything is in our mind. "The findings suggest that the expectation of having consumed caffeine provides an improvement in care that is comparable, perhaps superior, to the effect of caffeine," the researchers said the study authors published in "Appetite".

These are the dishes that restaurants offers at Mistura 2011

These are the dishes that restaurants offers at Mistura 2011

Giancarlo Sala focuses on risottos, and will be the only one who serves in Mistura . He will take two options: one is crowned with dried meat and another to suck shrimp.
Away Chang-Say has in some spaghetti in squid ink to the male are more orders. And the show opens in a crispy duck rice promises.
Witches Cachiche
Will two of the most representative dishes from our kitchen: chicken chili and Witch Cachiche carapulca.
Cabo Blanco
Try encebichado fish and sweat that prepares Paul Cordova, a former bartender at the Fishing Club and the man who for over 50 years attended Ernest Hemingway.
Caracol Azul
From the warm Piura comes ceviche with Sanandaj northern and traditional chavelo dry.
Chef Alvaro Raffo will lasagna filled huancaína lomo saltado and mozzarella and parmesan baked with. In desserts, the Doña Pepa cheseecake, surprise of tile, custard apple cheesecake and chocolate mousse, rice pudding and porridge.
Don Fernando
Vera prepare the rice with duck and goat with beans in the style of his native Pacasmayo.

Edo Sushi Bar
The temple of the maki delight everyone with its flavors fused. Have four versions: acebichado, the shogun, the California and karai.
The Profumo Parrillón Paul
The Uruguayan cuisine, you can try the classic chicken pamplona (rolled) and grilled offal (sweetbreads, kidneys, chitterlings, etc.).
Ana Maria Vela Inchicapi prepare traditional and tacu tacu regional as well as cassava patties.
The Pilot
The diner will come with their tamales and generous with breaded tacu tacu mounted.
The Rocoto
Blanca Chavez will serve your shrimp soup and stuffed hot pepper . You'll also have cheese ice cream for dessert.
The truthfulness of Fidel
Find leche de tigre, and will Fidel Aymar . Also bring your crispy jelly mixed.
A good and tasty crab trap with beans Trujillo kid is good then northern. 
La Granja Azul
Your baby chicken to firewood can accompany with cocktail Long Time in the house, and for dessert, their cheeky .
My Private Property
In his letter chose the sea nibbling and tacu tacu seafood.
Octopus in olive pays tribute to the memorable Rosita Yimura jumped back and noodle chef is the chef delights that will Maruy Frank Omar . For dessert, cream flipped. Olivar
The big soup mixed the boiled , makes his entrance Mistura 2011. Huancaína come with sauces, peppers and chimichurri male.
The pig Nikkei Thai rice surely tempt. In makis, have the pachamaki (sprinkled with fish sauce, barbecue) and terimaki (salmon and shrimp and teriyaki sauce furai).
Eye on this lasagna huancaína tipped breast stew and cheese Cajamarca and flavored gnocchi carapulca chinchano type that will have the chef Rodrigo Pastor.
Mavery Pizzeria
Will be with their empanadas with corn, chili chicken, beef, three cheeses, crab and anchovy. In addition, pizza with ham and mozzarella, the sauce huancaína fettuccine and others in an intriguing sauce of anchovies.
Punta Sal
A fresh fish ceviche, homemade and traditional, is being prepared by the chef Adolfo Perret .
Peruvian flavors
Cuba Lourdes sea duck in pisco , chicha morada and stout for his northern rice. Pisco is also the lamb dry. Also bring picarones.
Hall of Happiness
For the second year, this Chinese restaurant Mistura reached . The sale will dim sum and generous combined.
San Joy Lao
Dr. Luis Yong elected its Jau Chi Cuy to shine in this international fair. Served with spicy oyster sauce, mix well with the airport.
Segundo Muelle
From the outset, the ceviche, and background, your rice with seafood. For dessert, the sigh.
Sophie Bistro
The Creole cuisine with a different presentation. Kid Serve with baked pumpkin puree and duck ceviche loche.
They take their orders tiradito fair warm oxtail cannelloni.
Industrial Park of Callao to the exhibition. Juan Pablo de la Torre ossobuco prepare pork confit with fettuccine. And for dessert, pie pecans brown sugar to honey and vanilla ice cream.
Exhibition Park. From Friday 9 to Sunday 18, 11 am to 11 pm Tickets: adults S/.15, S/.10 children (these are only presale prices until Thursday 8 in Teleticket).

Junk food wants to land on the Moon

Junk food wants to land on the Moon.

If I am to be honest, when I found this news I thought it was a hoax as a house, but have not found anywhere that says it's a lie I still think it is. In any case, it ceases to be completely, totally and absolutely WTF!?: Restaurant chain Domino's Pizza wants to be the first to open a pizzeria ... the Moon!.
The first thing I thought is let's see, what would it cost to mount a restaurant there? Let's see ... it has been estimated that the costs would total $ 21,800 million (about 15,300 million € at current exchange rates, or so says Google ) and it would take to get 15 rockets and send them to the moon to build a two story building about 26 meters wide, which will also be a restaurant and housing for the workers of the same.
According to Matsunaga, the project manager at Domino's, hope that in future there are many people living on the moon. Uhm ... I guess I will have done their market research and all that, but just to eye I do not know what price they have to sell the Pizza restaurant to be minimally profitable. Unless, of course, that in fact the moon is full of aliens willing to eat pizza and the government is hiding us ... 

Eating potatoes lowers blood pressure, and reduce weight

Eating potatoes lowers blood pressure, and reduce weight.

To harness these benefits, we have to eat the potato boiled and without mayonnaise or ketchup

Washington (EFE). The poor reputation of the potatoes as fattening foods may be unfounded. A scientific study reveals that moderate consumption of the tuber and lowers blood pressure does not increase weight .
The work, led by Dr. Joe Vinson of the University of Stranton Pennsylvania, was presented today at the Annual Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS, for its acronym in English) held in Denver, Colorado.
"The potato, more so than any other vegetable , has an undeserved bad reputation that has led many people looking for a power to remove it from your healthy diet, "said Vinson.
Vinson said that "in reality, when prepared without frying and no butter, a potato has only 110 calories and dozens of healthy phytochemicals and vitamins. Our study hopes to help rebuild the popular image of the potato nutrition. "
The research was conducted with tubers prepared in the microwave without mayonnaise or ketchup, sauces preferred by consumers. Eighteen patients with overweight and high blood pressure ate between 6 and 8 potatoes twice a day for a month.
Following this diet , Vinson's team found that the mean diastolic blood pressure was reduced by 4.3% and 3.5% systolic and none of the study subjects had gained weight.
The study explained that due to the high temperatures used in their preparation, the act of frying potatoes destroys most of the healthful substances.
Vinson said that according to the results obtained, the healthiest way to preserve the nutrients of the potato is "simply cooked in the microwave."

PHOTOS: sushi restaurant sells about 40 times greater than normal

PHOTOS: sushi restaurant sells about 40 times greater than normal. 

In Aichi Prefecture , in Japan, there is a bar known for preparing sushi maki , sushi and giant nigiris. For example, to roll (or maki) use two meters of algae in the winding, with rice, 20 different ingredients. As pointed out by the website Japan Probe , this bite apotheosis costs about $ 196 and must be requested two days in advance. In addition, for the same price you can ask for a table of sushi and nagiris also enormous. To give you an idea of proportion: the piece of fish used in this sushi could make 40 normal size. Although in Japanese, you can see here the video of the preparation of these unique dishes.

Is it necessary to keep the butter in the refrigerator?

Is it necessary to keep the butter in the refrigerator?

FDA spokeswoman says how long you can survive this product milk at room temperature

At home, where usually keep the butter ? In some homes, this popular dairy product has a fixed place, almost sacred, at the door or at the top of the refrigerator, while in others the practice is to always be on hand on the table in the dining area.
Perhaps those who always kept in the refrigerator do for fear that this is wasted. And on the other hand, those who are motivated out of it to so the butter does not harden and can spread easily.
So is it necessary to refrigerate butter? How much time can pass before they rot? According to Tamara Ward, spokeswoman for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronym in English), butter lasts up to 10 days at room temperature. After that, it becomes stale.
"Rancid means that the enzymes naturally present in the milk begin to digest fats in butter, causing an acid taste and aroma," he explains as reported
However, the butter is rancid does not make it "dangerous", but simply tastes bad.
Either way we must keep this dairy product wrapped or in a butter dish, and avoid contamination by dirty knives.
In addition, strong odors that are permeating the air with ease in the butter, and is in the cupboard or refrigerator. What does this mean? That we should not have it near onions or garlic.

Coffee: a weapon to combat stress and stay healthy

Coffee: a weapon to combat stress and stay healthy.

One of the greatest sources of content antioxidant and experts recommend drinking two to four cups a day

A cup of coffee to start the day is what many need to wake up completely and stay alert at least during the morning. But the benefits of coffee are not limited to it, according to studies in the United States, its benefits are manifold. For example, combat stress and ensure better health.
"The antioxidants natural coffee, as caffeine , chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, cafestol and kaweol mainly protect us against cellular aging, thus reducing the risk of chronic diseases, "said Ruth Pedroza Islas, coordinator Food Engineering at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico and spokesman Nescafé Aztec lands.
In a note published in the newspaper El Universal of Mexico, the expert notes that "the fast pace we live in has changed the quality of life and increased stress, which together with other factors such as pollution and over-consumption of calories , favor the production of reactive oxygen within the body. "
As one of the major sources of antioxidants (ranking sixth among the 50 foods with the highest intake), coffee improves memory and concentration and even has beneficial effects on the aesthetics. "It reduces the fat in the abdominal area and is a great help in weight reduction programs."
Pedroza Islas said that to ensure a good antioxidant, it is advisable to take two to four cups of coffee.

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