Friday, October 14, 2011

This is the world's premier whisky

This is the world's premier whisky.

Glenmorangie was awarded 18 medals "Gold Best in Class" in the last five years at the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition

Produced in Scotland, the Scotch Glenmorangie has recently become the most decorated aged world with 18 medals accumulated in the last five years at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), one of the most prestigious events on the planet.
In the 2011 edition of the IWSC held last September in Los Angeles, the Glenmorangie won five "Best in Class Gold" and thus became the most awards whiskey in the world.
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Fat diet, a detrimental way to lose weight

Fat diet, a detrimental way to lose weight.

The absence of carbohydrates in the body can generate a sense of constant fasting can affect mood

A balanced diet is necessary for the body to function properly, even for a diet to lose weight. A proper mix between proteins , fats and carbohydrates is what allows a person to stay energized all day.
Is that what questions , the famous Atkins diet, also known as dietary fat, which is a drastic reduction in the consumption of foods high in carbohydrates to bind the body to use fat as an energy source.
Is harmful because a diet is not complete. Your application will cause the body gets used to eating fats of all kinds and use them when you need a power source to operate. These factors directly affect lipid levels, reduce the amount of good fats and, in turn, will increase the LDL or bad cholesterol.
Reduce consumption of foods such as cereals , potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes or fruit will cause the elimination of liquids and fats and make you lose weight. However, side effects caused by this practice become very unreliable.
It's a poor diet. Not recommend it to anyone, much less to athletes, since the latter require a high carbohydrate content of the physical demands of their work.
The restriction of cereals and tubers significantly reduces the level of fiber in foods needed to maintain a healthy stomach flora and avoid problems like constipation.
To this we must add that reducing carbohydrates can directly affect the mood of the person. Maurer said that can cause one to feel weak and cranky.

¿Raw or cooked foods? Which is Better

¿Raw or cooked foods? Which is Better.

Some experts say that cooking ensures that we do not contaminate with bacteria that may have these inputs

A balanced diet involves mixing the various products, either raw or cooked. 
To nutritionists those who like to eat fruits , vegetables and raw meats have a greater input of nutrients (minerals, proteins and vitamins), since these usually disappear or decrease when food are subjected to cooking or smoothies.
"Raw foods are powerful cell regenerator, provide oxygen and are more easily absorbed, because the organism does not need more effort to digest" . These diets are economical, easy to prepare and palatable.
Nutritionist recommends eating vegetables extracts prepared with mortar and conventional extractors, as the high speeds of the blades deleted nutrients. "These juices, they say, are prescribed to patients with chronic degenerative diseases like cancer , because they are nutritious, let detoxify and strengthen the immune system. "
With the fruit must be careful. Avoid eating fruit salads because the mixture of more than two different fruits (sour and sweet) produces fermentation and acidity in the stomach.
To cause a sensation of cold, this type of diet is not suitable for very thin or who suffer from thermal imbalance because, due to the temperature of their bodies can not tolerate cold foods. "Its use is also disadvantageous in times of winter, but not in summer, as these foods hydrate and cool,"
Before eating vegetables, fruits and, especially raw meats, you should verify that offered which are stored at appropriate temperatures and the origin of the animals (for meat). "One option is to eat raw meat with salt dehydrate or using lemon as ceviche"

The raw food diet is one of the many forms of vegetarian diets based on intake of fruits and vegetables, which may include nuts, eggs and milk in its raw state. However, this type of power is not complete and balanced, lacking animal protein and vegetables,because the extremes are not good, as indicated is to lead a balanced diet following the food pyramid and eating both cooked and raw. And is that with proper cooking and preparation is achieved by a product suitable for consumption while maintaining their nutritional state for the body to receive it in a healthy way, "he said.

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