Monday, July 19, 2010

Inaugurate new premises of Peruvian Grilled Chicken in China

The grilled chicken was a birthday present a new store in China. This is the third poultry that brothers Edward and Marco Vargas inaugurated, Wednesday in the best tourist and commercial area of Shanghai. In just eight months, Vargas has opened three stores in the country.

At the initiative of the Pavilion of Peru in the Shanghai World Expo was held yesterday the Day Grilled Chicken in the second location of Vargas. The restaurant offered a special promotion quarter chicken, fries, salad, drink and a pisco sour at the price of 25 yuan (less than $ 4). The same combo but pisco sour normally costs 38 yuan.

"The third location will be the best. There is a large concentration of expatriates and offices around. Almost 80% of sales is "delivery", "Marco Vargas announced. The target of the poultry markets in China continues to be the community of foreign families living in this country, middle-aged Chinese executives and local youth.

Within the community of foreigners, Filipinos are the most enthusiastic."Ours is reminding others who have in their country. We have attended banquets of 120 Filipinos who only wanted grilled chicken, "says Marco.

When the chain's first birthday in November, recently was able to sell the franchise. Nevertheless, Vargas has already contacted a Peruvian who lives in Xiamen (Fujian province) and a German who lives in Peru Zhengzhou (Henan province), are interested in poultry markets in their cities.

Vargas seeking more partners in the country and in Asia to form the Rotisserie Chicken restaurant chain.

The increase in living standards in China and the existence of a large expatriate community ensures success. Everyone else does the irresistible taste of chicken

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