Monday, August 20, 2012

Black pepper contains a molecule "anti fat" that could help end obesity.

Black pepper contains a molecule "anti fat" that could help end obesity.

Two Korean scientists, and Soo-Jong Um Ji-Cheon Jeong, have found that black pepper naturally reduces fat levels in the bloodstream. In the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry researchers explain that curiously pepper reduces fat and is due to piperine, which is the same substance that gives it its flavor.

Piperine interferes with the activity of forming generates fat cells, causing a metabolic reaction that can be controlled fat naturally. According to the authors of the report claim that extracts of black pepper could fight obesity and diseases related to it.


Alcohol is more harmful than marijuana, Facts

Alcohol is more harmful than marijuana.

For starters, while alcohol has negative health effects, not marijuana. Furthermore, no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose, and is considered to be impossible. On the other hand, alcohol favors the emergence of violent and aggressive behavior, while marijuana is relaxing. Dependence caused by alcohol is a psychological and physical, and becomes very strong. Marijuana causes some psychological addiction only, and cases of drug addiction in many cases are due to previous problems such as depression or anxiety.

In my case, I don't consume nor alcohol or marijuana, and I live happy.


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