Monday, July 11, 2011

Eli Knauer The world's youngest food critic is 10 years old

Eli Knauer The world's youngest food critic is 10 years old.

At just 10 years, Eli Knauer has become a personality in the world of gastronomy . Visit restaurants and after tasting the dishes on the menu delivers its verdict: a criticism that can tear a room or elevate it to a top level.

Obviously, this does not apply to everyone. His criticisms are aimed at children like him. Knauer recounts his experience in the restaurant, if the environment is appropriate for a minor and if the food sold is nice.

According to the website CBS Baltimore , many parents follow the recommendations of this young critic and take their children to places where they will feel more comfortable and enjoyable food.

Eli Knauer, a native of Baltirore (USA), has written more than 50 reviews in which delivery of one to five stars and blog Adventures of a Koodie already totals more than 45 000 visits.

Little says that his favorite food is pizza and hamburgers . "Classic foods that children often ask when they visit a restaurant," says the website. "Flesh juicy, sweet desserts and the cheese is melted," are some of its recommendations.

His mother said it all started as a game: "He told me he wanted to be a food critic and I set out to create a blog. Then he just started to describe their experiences. "

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