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Know the Difference between different types of milk

Know the Difference between different types of milk.

Cow, goat, soy , whole or skim milk. Each has a different nutritional.

Milk : the foundation of our power , considering that was all that we consume at least the first six months of our lives.

First, was the mother's milk then probably beef, though some prefer the goat. And now that we realize that not everyone can digest lactose with ease, we have several alternatives. The most popular: soy milk.

"Certainly there are a variety of milks, and each brings to the table a different nutritional profile. "Several alternatives that do not contain dairy products have a flavor similar to milk. For that reason they are good choices, especially if you have trouble digesting lactose, "says Jeannie Gazzaniga Moloo, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, according to 'My Healthy News Daily' .

(Photo: Julian Ignacio Gomez Lorenzon / Flickr)

May be identical in appearance, but cow's milk (whole and skim), goat's milk and soy have different characteristics in terms of fat, calories , calcium and protein is concerned.

According to figures from the website , a cup of whole milk has 147 calories, 8.1 grams of fat and 33% calcium, while skim milk contains 86 calories, no fat and 50 grams of % calcium.

Goat milk also has the same amount of calcium, but many more calories (169) and fat (10 grams). In addition, Gazzaniga Moloo, said his peculiar taste and strong odor can be "offensive" to some people.

What he has going for it is that some people can digest more easily, because the size of protein molecules is different from that of cow's milk-and have more tryptophan, an essential amino acid.

Thus, it is indisputable that the cow's milk is that which provides more calcium and twice the protein (8 grams). However, notes the paper's website specializing in health, the big disadvantage is lactose intolerant and have many causes abdominal pain, gas, bloating or diarrhea.

For when lactose upsets, we have to soy. "Made with soybeans and ground soaked with water, soy milk is rich in protein (7 grams per cup) and has no saturated fat. It also has low-calorie (132) and comes in different flavors, "says the article.

Its use has only one downside: It is known that eating products made with soy can inhibit the absorption of proteins and minerals.

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