Monday, August 29, 2011

Actor Mark Wahlberg opened a restaurant called "Wahlburgers"

Actor Mark Wahlberg opened a restaurant called "Wahlburgers".

The establishment, located in Boston will specialize in burgers

Actor Mark Wahlberg , with the help of his brothers Donnie and Paul opened a restaurant in Boston called "Wahlburgers." As its name suggests, the restaurant will specialize in burgers, reported the online edition of the newspaper "Boston Herald" .

The name "Wahlburgers" was a difficult obstacle to overcome for Paul, the chef of the restaurant as it was registered by another establishment. In the end, both parties reached a financial settlement, whose terms were not disclosed.

"It's a name that works," Ed told the St. Croix, the Wahlbergs partner in that business. "It's a brand that sounds good and wanted to launch the product with that name so that people couldidentify with him," he added.

Mark Wahlberg, Hamburguesa

The restaurant, 400 square meters, will open in the area of ​​Hingham Shipyard, Boston, and will accommodate 80 people inside and 40 more on the patio.

It is also located close to another establishment owned by brothers, an Italian restaurant called "Alma Nove." The plan to open another Wahlbergs pizzas next spring.

Mark Wahlberg, star of "The Fighter" movie won two Oscars, is planning to release two films next year: "Contraband" and "Ted".

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