Sunday, August 14, 2011

Belmuz: a traditional Serbian dish simple, healthy and energetic

The belmuz is a traditional dish of cheese and flour corn , which for more than three centuries eaten in southeastern Serbia . Despite the passage of time, it has lost none of its freshness and taste is still the pride of the area.

The best prepared in Svrljig , a small town at the foot of Stara Planina mountain, 250 kilometers southeast of Belgrade. Every August, for six years, Svrljig welcomes competition to choose the champion in the preparation of such delicacies.

Prepared with fresh cheese and whole milk with corn flour, a mixture of yellow and white. You can add a pinch of flour, depending on the preferences of the teacher, said Goran Zivic, the absolute champion in the preparation of belmuz in all the competitions so far.

Traditionally, the dish is cooked in a large kettle on a stove special, she used every household, and which makes fire with firewood. However, you can prepare well also in the electric stove in a pot or pan, with no change or lose their exquisite taste.

The cheese, about two or three days, but the high percentage of milk fat, is put into the boiler and melt over medium heat, stirring with wooden spoon in the direction of clockwise, until it almost stays as fluid milk. Then, slowly check amount is 10% of flour over the cheese, always stirring the mass in the same direction.

Zivic stresses, however, that each teacher has his own book about the recipe, since the quantities of the ingredients to speed the rate at which the plate is mixed.

Jokingly this master attributes part of its success to an amulet, his "trademark", a tuft of red wool tied to the wooden spoon, without which it never gets to cook.

Meanwhile, the mass gradually thickens and shortly after lift off the bottom of the boiler, and the fat begins to separate. It takes a little salt, if necessary. In the final stage of preparation, yet still stirring about 5 to 7 minutes on low heat to solidify the dough.

The dish is served in small amounts, like any field, especially because it is very rich in calories. Therefore, it is considered an energetic and healthy meal that contains protein and is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

The belmuz eaten in southeastern Serbia for over 300 years and is now preparing both in restaurants and at home, and on dairy farms for sale.

It also gets frozen and heated in the oven or microwave normal, but also in the fire, without losing much of its original flavor. "Taste is the same, these are nuances. You lose a maximum of 10%, as in every dish frozen, "Zivic said.

It is prepared with sheep's milk cheese, because this variety is attached to the bottom of the boiler, and only you can add a maximum of 5% to cow's cheese, if the chef insists on its specific flavor.

An assistant team Zivic, Jasmina, said area is also preparing a Svrljig easiest belmuz variant: When boiling water is added to the cornmeal and cook a stew, not too thick at the end while it is hot, add cheese or butter.

Another recipe Jasmina, the boiling water add the cornmeal and cook for an hour but it does the modern woman in less than fifteen minutes, stirring constantly until the mass condensed.

The solid mass is poured on a metal or ceramic tray and takes the form of round bread, which, when cooled a bit, cut the thread. Served with cheese, butter, roasted peppers with egg, onion or leek, milk, salt or sugar, all depending on the tastes of each.

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