Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bread Expeding Machines like ATM's

Bread Expeding Machines like ATM's

Bread vending machines are not new, in fact, knew a few months ago the first automatic bread distributor of Spain, in Valencia is where the machine vending of loaves Vendingpan available to spread throughout . Now is the birthplace of the baguette which has launched a new vending machine that claims to offer bread freshly baked bread 24 hours a day.

The new star of the launch of an automatic food dispenser is Jean-Louis Hecht, a French baker who has installed a vending machine baguettes in Paris, where we know that the bread baguette type is most appreciated (remember we liked the video Steven Kaplan, the best French bread ) and followed by bakers worldwide.

The goal is that consumers get bread fresh at any time of day and perhaps that bakeries can reduce their working time, even when they have sales on vacation. Apparently, the French baker has launched the dispenser of bread at precisely the holiday period when many bakeries are closed. Jean-Louis Hecht says that this is the bakery in the morning (not terribly scary) and what it is intended to answer the real need for some people, such as those working at night or need the bread first morning.

In this regard there is something that haunts us head for quite some time, and took the opportunity to discuss with you that your experience may tell us. We recall that when studying at school, the days we could go on a school trip to the bakery from 6:00 am in the morning to buy fresh bread for sandwiches at that hour the street from the bakery and was flooded with an unforgettable scent, the freshly baked bread that has been etched in our memory.

The bakers began to work around 02:00 pm to meet the demand for first time usually a staple part of the first energy intake of most people, liked the taste of bread , the texture, a quality that belonged to him ... and as has been lost ... But what we were going, what time you open your bakery?, having changed our place of residence, not aware of any bakery that opened before 8:00 am making it mandatory that children attend school or go hiking with the sandwich made ​​with day-old bread or frozen bread. Now is when you realize that it has lost a luxury, now a luxury, so it was normal.

On these lines you can see the new model of selling bread 'cool' is presented as the bakery of the future, enter 1 euro and the machine performs a final baking of the baguette for ofrecértela almost like fresh. The baguettes are pre-baked before being introduced into the machine. Of these vending and two installed, one in the 19th district of Paris and another in the Lorraine region in Hombourg-Haut, as we read here , where we can also read Marc's distrust Nexhip belonging to the bakers' union in Paris on the quality and durability of this fresh bread.

The decline of the quality of bread we have spoken on many occasions, we are chastened, seeing only a positive part, which is involved in the production of bread and enjoy making and tasting homemade bread, fresh, tasty and natural. But it is still shocking dependence of society by the machines, the need for the utmost comfort, convenience sometimes better defined as laziness, sloth ...

Vending machines for bread, pizza, fruit of milk ... the sad progress of automated and impersonal market.

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