Monday, August 29, 2011

Did you know that cheese was one of the 'weapons' of the Romans?

Did you know that cheese was one of the 'weapons' of the Romans?.

It was the Romans who invented the wheels of cheese , and was partly perhaps because of them who managed to win many battles and expand their empire. At least that's what counts Troy Johnson in one of the episodes of "Crave," a Food Network program that premieres Aug. 29.

It turns out that every time the soldiers left their homes to go to war were carrying large supplies of this product dairy . "It is believed that is why the Romans were able to conquer Europe. As the cheese is spoiled quickly, were always a source of energy rich in protein and fat men in skirts, "said culinary writer, reports .

This would have made a difference with other armies, whose food rotted leaving them weak and hungry soon.

While recording the new program, Johnsontambién discovered another curious fact about this dairy product: the bacteria used to make cheese is the same Limburguer present in the human body guilty of body odor.

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