Saturday, August 13, 2011

Did you know that your children can learn to eat well from pregnancy?

Did you know that your children can learn to eat well from pregnancy?

In the womb, babies feel the taste of the food eaten by mothers and recall after birth

A major concern of mothers is that their children have a food healthy. This causes one of the most common headaches when it comes to feeding the children of the house: how do they like vegetables?

Well, apparently there is a solution for moms. A recent study concluded that a diet during pregnancy has not only nourishes the fetus, but can shape the tastes that will.

As reported by NPR , 21 weeks after conception the babies are already able to sample the amniotic fluid. "That fluid that surrounds you get the flavor of foods and beverages that the mother has consumed the last hours," they say.

Research by Julie Mennel, who studies the sense of taste of infants, concluded that all tastes are manifest in the uterus.

How do you know that foods such as vanilla, carrot, mint, dill and garlic are seen in amniotic fluid? Thanks to odor.

Samples of the amniotic fluid of a group of women before and after ingesting garlic capsules. Then he asked a panel that smell.

"Easily could identify those samples from women who had eaten garlic," Mennella said, adding that taste is 90% aromatic, so the smell knew that babies could taste it.

Memory footprint
So far we have babies can feel the flavors during their pregnancy. The most significant part of the research was to demonstrate that they can also remember having babies, which can influence the taste and preference for certain foods.

Then, the test was done with carrots: They set up three groups of pregnant women. The first took carrot juice every day throughout pregnancy. The second, during lactation. And third, avoided completely consume this vegetable.

When the babies began to eat solid foods were given water or cereal made with carrot juice, and recorded their reactions on video. "Those who had the experience of amniotic fluid or breast milk ate more carrot-flavored cereal that vegetables," said Menella. And what is more curious when they saw the recorded images, you could tell he made less expensive nuisance.

"In other words, if you eat broccoli while pregnant is much more likely that your baby likes to eat," says the article.

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