Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drink Dark Sodas are Hazardous to Health. Study Details

Drink Dark Sodas are Hazardous to Health. Study Details.

We have always listened that soda is not good for our health, in this case study tells us that dark-colored sodas are very harmful to our health. Pay attention to the next article.

Studies in the United States, including soft dark colors that have been linked with lung cancer and liver.

"The dark color of these artificial drinks is given by a reagent which arises from the combination of sugar with ammonia and sulphite in an environment of high temperature and pressure. This results in chemical residues U.S. government investigations have been linked to lung cancer, liver and thyroid in rats and mice, "the web Healthland, which publishes the study conducted by Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI for short in English).

"The risk is small, but significant," said Michael Jacobson, executive director of the center, an advocacy group for consumers in Washington, who were in charge of the investigation.

Jacobson notes that the greatest danger of addiction is generated by these drinks. "This could be the transcendent." Issue that would raise the chances of getting cancer.

"Soft drinks are high in sodium and phosphoric acid are characterized by giving more thirsty. This motivates the consumer to continue drinking after another, ".

However, not everything is bad in soft drinks, in moderation promotes sensory perception, locomotor activity and arousal, but excessive drinking can also cause tachycardia, gastritis, insomnia and overweight.


Meanwhile, soft drink manufacturers have denied on several occasions that these substances (2-and 4-MEI MEI) are a risk to consumer health. Others, however, indicate that the risk in humans is less than the difference of size and dose.

However, they agree that the excess of these drinks could lead to overweight and cardiovascular diseases.

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