Sunday, August 21, 2011

Food tricks to get more energy in the day

Food tricks to get more energy in the day.

These are simple things like our food dispensing and consumption of caffeine and stay hydrated.

If during any time of day suddenly you feel a drop of energy, we suggest you try including some of these secrets into your routine. In power , they are also little details that make the difference.

The phrase "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" is something we have heard many times. How about if you eat what you normally add some wheat bran? "Eating in the morning something rich in fiber can make you more alert throughout the day, "said Health Today .

It is a Cardiff University study found that people who eat a cereal with enough fiber in the morning reduced the sensation of fatigue in 10%. They also had less incidence of depression and improved cognitive skills.

When one feels the need to "wake up", the most common is to use a lot of coffee . As the article says it is better to distribute the doses of caffeine throughout the day: "Small portions of caffeine (about 227 mL) every couple of hours will keep you alert and focused for longer, according to sleep experts."

Something similar happens with food . It is better to have small snacks that three substantial meals. In this case, the recommendation is to eat something every three or four hours. In this way the sugar in your blood is always kept up. Of course, every meal should have carbohydrates , proteins and healthy fats.

A common reason that we often feel tired is dehydration. So remember to drink water every hour. Ideally avoid reaching the point where you feel thirsty.

The tea is another option. "A recent report noted that caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine, both present in tea, reduce fatigue and improve mental alertness, reaction time and memory," says the article. Even better if you drink black tea.

The sandwiches of banana butter and peanuts are a good snack to regain strength. The potassium present in the fruit, is a mineral that helps the sugar in our body is transformed into energy. The magnesium-rich peanut butter-giving energy to the cells of our body.

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