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Gastronomic map of Peru's most popular dishes from each department

Gastronomic map of Peru's most popular dishes from each department.

As Brazil is the birthplace of football , Peru is of the cuisine . Every corner of this land has been blessed with a variety of ingredients, plus the chef's own seasoning, result in great tasting dishes.

Despite the similarities present our culinary regions, each department has dishes that differentiate them. For example, we know that the meal cost is related to fish and seafood . But in the north where these dishes are best eaten.

The spicy, famous in the south are original heritage Tacna and Moquegua . Despite this, Arequipa has its famous taverns .

In the highlands, the barbecue , the patasca and guinea pigs are eaten in almost all the central area. However, there are large variations of local fame but little popularity in Lima.

Flavio Solórzano , a restaurant chef Sulco The Lordship said that in fact the Peruvian cuisine is classified by region or area, since there are common ingredients and recipes that have been coined for generations in these places.

The spicy to Tacna, the spicy marinade guatita and Tacna are the best exponents of the cuisine of this southern province. Flavio Solórzano has his favorite: the charquicán, a dish that is prepared sobreahogando drowning and pepper for 8 to 10 hours to give a little sweetness. Then, add onion, garlic, stomach (tripe, chalona) and dwarf potatoes.

In Moquegua, the pots seem to get all the applause. "It's a stitch platazo where the interiors of beef, each separately and then together (sweetbreads, kidneys, heart), you put wine (which removes force from the inside) so they are juicy and media candy. "

Arequipa has a kitchen inside . While the filling is hot pepper its finest, there are other dishes such as potato cake , almond and marinade. La Lucila is one of the most popular taverns of the city. There, the owner Dona Lucila Salas Ballon widow , aged 95, continues to give pleasure to their guests.

In La Lucila plate chactado star is the guinea pig, but you can also eat the caretaker, ceviche and escorted shrimp .

Ica is a producer of lima beans and then follows the "sensational spicy lima beans," said Flavio. "The Chincha carapulca is another good dish but I particularly love the crumbs of butter beans. What in Lima lima called smoothies. "

"The Pall boiled with pork skin and then removed. Is boiled with onion and remove it again. Finally, these wastes are liquefied pallares media with olive oil and pork broth. Smooth. It adds a cheetah and a Creole sauce fried leading beet, "says the chef.

In the provinces say Lima takes over all, but "we must recognize their stuff." The carapulca Lima, for example, says Solorzano. "For me the best of all, since it uses dried potatoes already takes advantage of others." Another great exponent as the cause of Lima, a bit more stylish than the others, and lomo saltado .

Ancash is influenced by the cuisine of northern Lima. The spicy seafood ceviche duck are classics of the bureaux of this place. "Freedom is fused with a bit north of Lima and Ancash, and there they begin to make and use fish stews of the north."

"The cause of Freedom is unique: a fried yellow peppers with oil, lemon juice with little left a creamy mass and elastic, "says the chef.

La Libertad and Lambayeque share the dry kid, but the second department was awarded the duck rice. "The thickened, the chinguirito, humitas the chirimpico the cause ferreñafana and rice with seafood are other delicacies of the kitchen."

In Piura , we have the dry chabelo and malarrabia in Tumbes , the emblem is the majarisco .

Doris Leon, owner of the restaurant El Tarwi notes that in general there are dishes that are eaten in almost all the mountain as the barbecue , the trout in different presentations and greaves. Despite that, there are some dishes that are adopted as their own in some provinces.

For example, in Cajamarca are popular spicy guinea pig with potato, canned figs and green suck. "Boil the peeled potatoes and the broth is added eggs, cheese (curd) and pork rinds. The green color comes from the pureed mixture paico leaves or mint, rue and parsley, "said the cook on the iconic soup.

In Huanuco , the soup of chicken is very popular thanks to its simple preparation. "It's a hearty soup that is served hot. First is boiled white potatoes with chicken dams, which must be boiled. "

Leon said that the barbecue is also traditional but has some quirks. "As a topping for meat is used a special herb in the region called 'mackerel'. Preferred the pig is used very tender, before the ram, and the use of larger quantities of tubers and sweet tamales as a side dish. "

In Pasco is very common to find the popular head broth, made ​​with lamb, mint and pepper. Patachi Junin has a very important stew in the Andean region of Huancayo leading peeled wheat, dried beans or green, beef jerky (dried meat), Carano (pigskin), legs and giblets (cow intestines ) says.

In Huancavelica highlights the pot, which traditionally made ​​between January and March, with fresh vegetables, beef, alpaca, sheep, soups from fresh peas, beans and fruits. In Apurimac "grilled cuy natural huacatay is essential," says Doris Leon.
"In Cusco eats everything, "but the pot is one of the more traditional" prepares for the Mardi Gras and that is to boil a cow's breast, head of lamb, bacon and legs, adding, whole leaves cabbage, potatoes, Moray, chickpeas and rice. In a separate pot, boil potatoes, peaches, pears and yuccas. "

In Ayacucho are very popular and the cuy chactado puca. If we want something new, is the qapchi a potato salad made of soft sand, fresh cheese, yellow peppers, olive oil and chopped onion.

The suck of quinoa is one of the richest dishes of Puno . However, there are also dishes made of fish such as Timpo chaulla prepared with native species of Lake Titicaca, as carachi, mackerel or mauri.

"The forest is reputed to possess aphrodisiac cuisine and, in general, there are dishes that can be considered universal in the Amazon, "said Hugo Ingunza, owner and chef of the restaurant La Choza of Anaconda.

The jerky , the tacacho the juane and suri are great representative of the food jungle . But that's not all. San Martín , Amazonas and Loreto have much more to offer.

"The roast picuro is a dish made of meat with a tasty rodent, the APICH (dams golden pork stewed with ground peanuts and corn), the patarashca (fish wrapped in banana leaves and roasted over fire), are typical the menu of the residents. "

Ingunza says Ucayali and Madre de Dios have an equally exotic cuisine that takes the girl juane its finest. "It's a meal similar to John, but without rice." Carachama broth is also very popular, is accompanied by plantains and cilantro.

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