Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Homo erectus, the first chef in the history of mankind

Homo erectus, the first chef in the history of mankind.

They used fire and tools in the preparation of their food because of this their teeth and small size reduced.

Homo erectus was probably the first chef in the history of mankind, for 1.9 million years ago and dishes prepared with the help of fire and tools, according to research in the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Science" (PNAS).

The team of Chris Organ of Harvard University , found that Homo erectus was clearly smaller teeth than other primates. And this indicates that the appearance of Homo erectus must have a change in eating raw food going to more soft and cooked.


Besides the size of the wheels, the intestine was also smaller, which also points to the intake of processed foods.

The wheels act as a small stone mill, which grind the food to make them easier to digest. To prepare food and heat tools, food is soft. According to scientists, the consequence is that the teeth shrink.

If man were a normal primate, would almost half of the day (48 percent) eat, researchers say. But actually only spends about five percent of the day to that activity.

To find out when evolutionary change developed shorter meals throughout the history of mankind, the scientists compared data of teeth, body weight and genetic heritage of non-human primates, 14 extinct hominids and modern man.

According to the researchers, these anatomical changes can not simply be due to common evolutionary advances.

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