Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The oldest restaurant in the world turns 286 years

The oldest restaurant in the world turns 286 years.

It opened 300 years ago and today is considered the restaurant world's oldest by the Guinness World Records . La Casa Botin is a temple of gastronomy world, a place I have spent great personalities and has witnessed countless stories.

Located in an old house in Madrid and in his early years did not sell themselves for food, this was considered an intrusion that damaged other trade unions. The site offered only what travelers had to cook and drink. Hence was born the legend that "in the Spanish inn was just what brought the traveler."


"The restaurant was operated as an inn and in 1725 a French immigrant who carried out some renovations at the mansion to give more comfort to strangers," says the website of La Casa Botin. Since that time remains (almost intact) an old oven used to prepare the house specialty: roast suckling pig and lamb Castilian style.

As reported by the BBC Brazil , this place great personalities have walked the world of "literature, kings, singers and other celebrities." One of them, the American writer Ernest Hemingway , who even one of his environment ("Fiesta") in this restaurant.

"My grandfather, who spoke to him a lot, tried to teach him to make a paella , but concluded that it was better that he continue with the literature and my grandfather, with paella, "said Carlos Gonzalez, one of the heirs the restaurant belonging to the fourth generation.


Since then, Casa Botin has seen all kinds of celebrities: Jacqueline Kennedy, Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, Michael Douglas, Pedro Almodovar, the Spanish kings, and even Ricky Martin .

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