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The restaurants and bars from famous TV series

The restaurants and bars from famous TV series.

Not exist in real life but in the world of fiction were the scene of major chapters. Remember any of them

s fans of Friends would have loved to push the door and take a Central Perk coffee on the couch who immortalized the characters in the series. Eating a ham pie with a little water and tamarind in the Fonda de Doña Florinda or a beer at Moe's bar.

Although the series were famous and made the restaurants, cafes and bars seem real, none of them existed. It was the TV writers who immortalized these establishments and we were in our teens find similar places to share with our friends.

Review with us some of the local celebrities of television series.

He was one of the clever twists that Roberto Gómez Bolaños gave the "Chavo del Ocho" following the departure of Quico and "Ron Damon". The place was located a few blocks from the neighborhood and had to Chavo as a waiter , that aid was more than a nuisance, breaking dishes, swept with confused orders and the food. Although Doña Florinda restaurant preferred to call it all was a "simple substance", which was almost never full. The few people who came were not just to eat: Louie, the postman to deliver correspondence and Chilindrina Gorres some food and Professor Jirafales for his cup of coffee. He had only one bathroom with a sign on the door changed ladies gentlemen.

Before the Central Perk coffee became the boys Friend's already met him. It was a bar with a pool table and a nice jukebox. Years later suffer a total refurbishment and would reach the famous armchair where Rachel, Chandler, Ross , Joey , Phoebe and Monica killing time . Even gave work to many of the characters: Rachael was a longtime waitress, to the delight of Gunther, who lived during 10 seasons in love with her. Joey was also a waiter but with little luck. And Phoebe, guitar in hand, appeared for several nights in coffee, for execution of customers.

Moe's bar
Was fixed to stop drunks from Springfield after work. When Homer is not at home, Marge Moe knows that good has it in a safe place in the bar next to an ice-cold Duff. Barney must be the best client, even Lenny and Carl (the inseparable friends Homer) are not far behind. The tavern also became big stars like the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Aerosmith . Even to the Christian Ned Flanders recontra and little Maggie fell on their bar.

Located in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), the Arnold's was the hangout of the gang of Richie Cunningham. There, the 'colorao' with his friends "Potsie" and Ralph tried to tie the girls, usually with little success. Only the winner of "Fonzie" could make this band of 'losers' can earn some respect. The specialty of this restaurant were the milkshakes and hamburgers. At that time there were few people looking for a place like Lima. Who said Tip Top?.

After school at the Institute Bayside, Zack Morris and speck (Screech, Lisa, Slater, Kelly, Jessie) were the legendary Max to talk and pass it cool. For the young at the time, the cafeteria, whose specialty was the hamburger-ticked all the boxes, youthful atmosphere, food, games and music. The owner of this place was Max, a guy who had time to cook, meet people, talk to them and even give advice to your friends. The place was so important to Zack and his friends in one of the episodes of the series take up a collection to prevent its closure

It is one of the few places that does not belong entirely to fiction. In Seinfeld , the exterior of this popular local cafe was Tom, located in the center of Broadway. The restaurant was one of the most important locations of the sitcom and in their armchairs immortalized sensational chapters and dialogues. Always located at the same table (the second attached to the wall) Jerry Seinfeld, Cosmo Kramer, George Costanza and Elaine Benes did the Monk's Café a place of worship for the fans.

Larry Cook, the owner, manager and chef and his few appearances usually have a complaint about Kramer or George. Another character of Monk is Ruthie Cohen, the local cashier.

It is the most famous restaurant in Beverly Hills 90210 . It worked Brandon Walsh and many episodes of the series revolved around the place. The room was themed for the season, bright colors, neon signs, small tables and waiters who were friends of the characters. Besides the classic milkshakes and burgers, the place also became a good space at night. If not, remember the nights of karaoke and drinks.

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