Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sexy calendar winemakers wines in lingerie shows

Sexy calendar winemakers wines in lingerie shows.

The models posed in the vineyards and next to the fermentation tanks.

A group of sexy lingerie for winemakers settled on the traditional calendar Kalender Jungwinzerinnen that aims to show the route Austrian wine appealing to the beauty of young specialists in wine .

Ellen Ledermüller-Reiner, editor of the so called "Calendar of young winemakers," said that since 2004, when he did this initiative, the sale of wine has increased considerably.

In the pictures you see the winemakers posing in lingerie and high heels next to the fermentation tanks and vineyards. "They are experts who oversee the preparation, storage, analysis, storage, bottling and marketing of wine. We must call attention but without being rude, "says Ledermüller-Reiner.

The calendar goes on sale in September and will cost 25 euros.

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