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Stars: these famous opened a restaurant but were unsuccessful

Stars: these famous opened a restaurant but were unsuccessful.

Britney Spears , Steven Spielberg , Jennifer Lopez and Kevin Costner are among those listed.

Neither the free publicity generated by the celebrity of their owners saved. The restaurants that someday we will know then were inaugurated under the watchful eye of the press, because it was known establishments stars Hollywood . But that failed to ensure the success and soon went unnoticed until the day came they had to close their doors.

Of course in the business of celebrities in the restaurant business there are exceptions. For example, we have Robert De Niro , who follows local opening worldwide in partnership with renowned Japanese chef Nobu . And there are other celebrities who are still struggling, like Eva Longoria with Kiss, his local in Las Vegas.

Within the list of Hollywood stars whose restaurants have failed to Britney Spears, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Lopez and Kevin Costner.


Perhaps the most striking initiative was that of Steven Spielberg, who opened his restaurant Dive! in Las Vegas. It was a local theme: the appearance of submarine referred to the house specialty: the sandwiches called 'subs', but with a twist gourmet.

Although the atmosphere was worth the popular imagination of the filmmaker-there special effects, walkways, exposed pipes, meters, control valves and control panels as well as a simulated dive every half hour, the business prospered.

In 2002, when he was still at the peak of his career, the pop princess then ventured to open a restaurant in the city of New York. The name, Nyla, was the result of the addition of zip codes in his native Louisiana and the state of the Big Apple.

Only six months. That's what Britney Spears lasted owner of this restaurant, featuring Cajun food and ended with $ 400,000 in debt, according to The Daily Meal ' .

Also in 2002, when She walked the red carpet red carpet on the arm of actor Ben Affleck , Jennifer Lopez launched a Puerto Rican restaurant in Los Angeles: Madre's.

As noted by Eater.com , a website specializing in food, Lopez had a local merit was open for six years. "With lackluster reviews, but with a constant amount of people who wanted to try what I thought J. Lo ate, Mother's lasted much longer than anyone, including J. Lo, anticipated."

Posing with a chef's hat and a plate of spaghetti, so Hulk Hogan promoted the restaurant, PASTAMANIA!. The restaurant opened in 1995 in a mall in Minnesota, but that was not the year before it closed.

The dishes on the menu were clever names that played with the popularity of its creator and investor, who until it advertised his restaurant in a program of the World Wrestling Association.

Do you remember the image of supermodel Claudia Schiffer , Elle MacPhearson , Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington posing at the opening of The Fashion Café in New York City?

These pictures were seen around the world and attracted the attention of several figures from the culinary world, as the critique of "The New York Times", Ruth Reichl. "Criticism lost his appetite after waiting over an hour for lunch on a Monday and be forced to see 'so many thin, tight clothes." However, food Reichl found 'surprisingly decent, "but it was not the only one who found the topic of sex and food exhausting. The Fashion Cafe closed after a few years, "says" The Daily Meal. "

Many may not know, but in 1999 the actor Kevin Costner, with a group of investors, opened a restaurant in Costa Mesa, California. The establishment was called The Clubhouse and lasted a respectable ten years in the market.

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