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What to eat after consuming alcohol?

What to eat after consuming alcohol?.

Here, tips to overcome the hangover that picture of symptoms that appear after taking alcohol in excess

The hangover is the name we usually give the state after the consumption of alcoholic beverages , also known as withdrawal syndrome includes symptoms such as dehydration, tremors, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, sweating, nervousness, anxiety, memory loss. These are between 8 and 16 hours.

"The Alcohol inhibits the action of the hormone vasopressin, which is secreted by the adrenal gland that helps the kidney to absorb water, so alcohol causes dehydration, "explains nutritionist Arnaldo Hurtado.


According to the expert, the hangover is the result of metabolic processes in the liver, the diuretic effects of alcohol and less sugar in the blood. "Some components of these drinks as tyramine, phenyl ethylamine, histamine, sulfites, phenols, flavonoids and even (especially in dark or red liquor) have a relationship with the headache," he says.

After the ingestion of alcohol, it is important to consume foods rich in vitamin B6, B1 as cereals and grains, others of fat and protein as dairy , meat and eggs as well as those that are rich in fructose and fruit sound (especially bananas ) or juices of various fruits, as they help reduce nausea.

Many times the consumption of alcohol has been so intense that produces gastric irritation and vomiting, making it difficult to eat. Despite this, says nutritionist is important to rehydrate: a soup with potatoes and yellow light with egg whites can help. Not eating increases the likelihood of gastritis, decreased glucose and dehydration.

Limit consumption of alcohol, know how to choose (a high alcohol content means more calories), eating before drinking, to know the consumption limit hydrated during and after intake are some of the recommendations of Hurtado.

"It's an increasingly common belief that the use of tablets or antacids for alcohol helps to reduce its effects on our body. However, the overall effect is always the same, since these products only reduce the acidity of the stomach and slow absorption of alcohol coming .

"There are people with problems of heartburn and bloating showing improvements taking antacids before drinking alcohol. However, once the effect of the medication, these symptoms may be exacerbated if they have drunk alcohol. It is advisable to limit alcohol consumption to avoid problems of gastritis, ulcers and diarrhea, "he suggests.

It is important to eat before drinking to avoid alcohol is absorbed faster.

One beer contains 5% alcohol, while wine is between 12% to 18%, a short drink scotch , pisco and vodka contains more than 40%.

The coffee may give a false sense of recovery, but the body does not accelerate the metabolism of alcohol. Not recommended for consumption or energy drinks with caffeine .

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