Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is it necessary to keep the butter in the refrigerator?

Is it necessary to keep the butter in the refrigerator?

FDA spokeswoman says how long you can survive this product milk at room temperature

At home, where usually keep the butter ? In some homes, this popular dairy product has a fixed place, almost sacred, at the door or at the top of the refrigerator, while in others the practice is to always be on hand on the table in the dining area.
Perhaps those who always kept in the refrigerator do for fear that this is wasted. And on the other hand, those who are motivated out of it to so the butter does not harden and can spread easily.
So is it necessary to refrigerate butter? How much time can pass before they rot? According to Tamara Ward, spokeswoman for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronym in English), butter lasts up to 10 days at room temperature. After that, it becomes stale.
"Rancid means that the enzymes naturally present in the milk begin to digest fats in butter, causing an acid taste and aroma," he explains as reported
However, the butter is rancid does not make it "dangerous", but simply tastes bad.
Either way we must keep this dairy product wrapped or in a butter dish, and avoid contamination by dirty knives.
In addition, strong odors that are permeating the air with ease in the butter, and is in the cupboard or refrigerator. What does this mean? That we should not have it near onions or garlic.

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