Saturday, September 3, 2011

Junk food wants to land on the Moon

Junk food wants to land on the Moon.

If I am to be honest, when I found this news I thought it was a hoax as a house, but have not found anywhere that says it's a lie I still think it is. In any case, it ceases to be completely, totally and absolutely WTF!?: Restaurant chain Domino's Pizza wants to be the first to open a pizzeria ... the Moon!.
The first thing I thought is let's see, what would it cost to mount a restaurant there? Let's see ... it has been estimated that the costs would total $ 21,800 million (about 15,300 million € at current exchange rates, or so says Google ) and it would take to get 15 rockets and send them to the moon to build a two story building about 26 meters wide, which will also be a restaurant and housing for the workers of the same.
According to Matsunaga, the project manager at Domino's, hope that in future there are many people living on the moon. Uhm ... I guess I will have done their market research and all that, but just to eye I do not know what price they have to sell the Pizza restaurant to be minimally profitable. Unless, of course, that in fact the moon is full of aliens willing to eat pizza and the government is hiding us ... 

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