Friday, October 14, 2011

Fat diet, a detrimental way to lose weight

Fat diet, a detrimental way to lose weight.

The absence of carbohydrates in the body can generate a sense of constant fasting can affect mood

A balanced diet is necessary for the body to function properly, even for a diet to lose weight. A proper mix between proteins , fats and carbohydrates is what allows a person to stay energized all day.
Is that what questions , the famous Atkins diet, also known as dietary fat, which is a drastic reduction in the consumption of foods high in carbohydrates to bind the body to use fat as an energy source.
Is harmful because a diet is not complete. Your application will cause the body gets used to eating fats of all kinds and use them when you need a power source to operate. These factors directly affect lipid levels, reduce the amount of good fats and, in turn, will increase the LDL or bad cholesterol.
Reduce consumption of foods such as cereals , potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes or fruit will cause the elimination of liquids and fats and make you lose weight. However, side effects caused by this practice become very unreliable.
It's a poor diet. Not recommend it to anyone, much less to athletes, since the latter require a high carbohydrate content of the physical demands of their work.
The restriction of cereals and tubers significantly reduces the level of fiber in foods needed to maintain a healthy stomach flora and avoid problems like constipation.
To this we must add that reducing carbohydrates can directly affect the mood of the person. Maurer said that can cause one to feel weak and cranky.

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