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Lose weight by eating healthy: A slowly diet , but surely

Lose weight by eating healthy: A slowly diet , but surely.

With a few simple tips, you lose a few pounds and look good in light clothing

There must come the summer for a strict diet . With a few simple tips, you may lose a few pounds and look good in light clothing.
To begin, let the gas for special occasions and drink more water. Even diet soda should be consumed at most once a day.
Nor skip breakfast or dinner. Rather, as Hermoza Mariana advises nutritionist, eat five times a day (healthy food, of course). Breakfast and lunch and eat moderately lighter at night. By midmorning and midafternoon can consume nuts or fresh fruit. The idea is not much appetite to go with main meals, because then assimilates more.
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Nutritionist Mary Flor Diaz says one of the things that fat is to eat candy . The cheap chocolate consists of fat and sugar, the perfect combination for fat. He also claims that what we cut between meals usually have many calories as soda crackers, a package of 12 cookies is four loaves. And speaking of cookies with filling, in less than one unit and have some bread.
Snack between meals, nutritionists advise both fresh fruit or nuts (pecans, peanuts and a lesser amount). And we should eat less than day and night.
It is also essential exercise. "At a minimum, you should do 60 minutes of exercise at least four times a week. The amount of 30 minutes is good for heart health but fat mobilized more minutes, ie weight go down, "says Diaz.
Combinations. Do not combine proteins with carbohydrates. As the protein is stronger, the body does not use both carbohydrate and fat is transformed into and accumulate in the form of adipose tissue.
Fruit night. Do not eat fruit at night, the fruit is a carbohydrate and energy needs to be spent for consumption. It is best to consume up to six in the afternoon.
Less calories. Choose foods contain fewer calories: instead of fried egg, poached egg. If you take a juice sugar or use sweetener use.

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