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Who invented the child combos?Happy Meal

Who invented the child combos?Happy Meal

The idea was born in Nicaragua in 1965. Read the story of its creator

These days, the Happy Meal has become more popular menu among children. The novel idea, which then spread around the world, came from Yolanda Fernandez Cofino, who in 1965 opened the first franchise of a popular chain of fast food in Guatemala.
Fernandez said that a year and a half broke the franchise inaugurated due to the mismanagement of the manager. Her husband wanted to sell the company but no one would buy it, then decided to work themselves.
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"While attending I noticed mothers with young children arrived, they did not eat anything because no appeal. So, I decided to make a cheaper kids menu containing a small hamburger, fries, ice cream and a little toy.
In the early 80's, a group of specialists in marketing for McDonald's came to an establishment and asked him what was that little box to hear his explanation, they suggested it be presented at the annual convention made ​​by the company. To which she replied: "Oh no, how can I go with my hamburgers and toy."
At the insistence of the experts presented its inception in 1986. As like the idea in 1989 was officially launched with a Happy Meal toy without ice cream, put in its place a drink. Fernandez said he did not receive any royalty for the idea, but since that date works for the fast food giant in the field of marketing.
At present, many countries are introducing bills for the children's menu contains dairy and fruit . "I have no idea how to change the Happy Meal. I only know that they are planning to include in the box apples instead of fries and milk in place of the gas, "she said.
In the end, he stressed that this change would not have acceptance in children in Latin America and Asia because in these places there are a lot of children, the same as when they go for walks, love to eat things that do not eat at home.

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