Thursday, April 19, 2012

Growth hormone, forever young, or scam?

Look tired, lose energy and have no sexual appetite are situations in which more than one person goes through. But this is not a question of age, but often due to lower production in the body of somatropin, growth hormone. This alters the development of daily activities, as it loses energy and yield less.

Growth hormone is comprised of peptides that represent a protein, at the same time, it is secreted in the pituitary gland. This hormone is essential to develop in adolescence, both for height, bone and neural level higher.
Like other hormones, about 35 years of age, the body stops producing the right amount of Somatropin. The decline of growth hormone causes certain functions in the body will be diminished, and thus lost muscle strength, decreased libido, there is less sexual potency, hair falls, there is a loss of smoothness and lubrication to the skin, and chronic fatigue occurs.

Maintaining the appropriate level of growth hormone has the benefits:

Increase cardiac output (HGC can be a great anti-aging supplement for your heart)

Restore muscle mass

Decrease body fat

Improve sleep >> Natural remedies for insomnia

Reduce wrinkles (HGH stimulates the growth of elastin and collagen) >> Foods that will help you fight wrinkles

Lost hair grows back

Restore hair color

Increase energy lasting energy without sugar >>

Lower Cholesterol without drugs

Restore the size of the liver, pancreas and heart

Improves vision

Improves memory >> help mental focus

Improves mood

Increases resistance

Improves immune system

Increases sexual desire (HGH levels and penile growth may be related)

Fighting osteoporosis (HGH stimulates growth of bone and cartilage, the dose is very important to avoid side effects)

Growth hormone, forever young, or scam?

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