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All the meals from EL CHAVO DEL OCHO

All the meals from EL CHAVO DEL OCHO.

At this point the fans and not fans of "El Chavo del Ocho" already know that the legendary ham cake (TORTA DE JAMON) had nothing to do with a dessert or a cake, but rather with sandwiches , which also includes onions ham , tomato, avocado, mayonnaise, (sometimes) the traditional chile .

However, (almost) no one can say that the first time he heard about the guy in this cake just figured the bread with ham as eaten in Mexico. As the famous sandwich, there are dozens of dishes, foods and beverages that are named in the series without even knowing what they are, what they know and how they eat.

The dishes mentioned in 'El Chavo' belong to the food people are eating their way and are available in stalls and carts. The enchiladas and taco are perhaps the most popular dishes in our country, although in Peru are prepared differently.

For example, in Mexico do not always wear TACO'S beans and can be filled with a multitude of stews of meat and / or vegetables. He adds guacamole, salad and sometimes rice.

The classical order of enchiladas to which El Chavo things like the corn tortillas stuffed with meat or wheat, chicken or turkey are accompanied by a wide variety of chiles.

Before you know it 's eating animals are called fat fat gordaspellizcatidivoros pinched , it is important that these are tortillas made ​​with corn dough which is shaped round and is filled with a spicy sauce, meat or beans frayed. It owes its curious name that once fried should pinch the sides to give a kind of background to the tortilla.

The chilaquiles, mentioned in a couple of chapters by Professor Jirafales , is a dish prepared on the basis chips (pieces of fried corn tortillas and / or toasted) bathed in green chile sauce or red usually hot. Normally eaten at breakfast together with pieces of chicken, cheese , sour cream and onion.

The yam is a tuber similar to the yacon in Mexico is used to prepare a traditional sweet of the same name. The jicama was scratched and combine with milk, sugar and eggs. It has a sweet potato-like.

And what about the horns that Doña Florinda Professor Jirafales prepared . To the relief of the teacher was just a biscuit-shaped Mexican horn. Prepared with flour, butter, eggs, nuts and powdered sugar.

The mole is a sauce that can be made with various ingredients, usually distinguished by the different types of chiles used. These sauces are accompanied with meat, chicken or turkey and tortillas. The best known of all is the mole poblano , a national dish, a mix that combines sweet chocolate with spicy chiles.

Pozole is one of the dishes typical of Aztec cuisine and is usually consumed at the party's September 15, the day we celebrate the Independence of Mexico. This is a soup made from corn, which has chicken or pork, avocado, tomato, etc..

The appetizers are a Mexican memelas, prepared with a thick tortilla (made with cornmeal and beans cooked, dried and ground), which can be stuffed with beans, beans or meat.

At Christmas the Mexicans used to eating a dish called rosemary, usually accompanied by cod . It serves a mole sauce, mole poblano is usually with nopales (cactus) and potatoes, served with empanadas (pies) dried shrimp. Then you add rosemary leaves, which are different from rosemary known in Peru.

Famous are also the quesadillas, which are used to eating at breakfast. Are tortillas that are mixed with some kind of cheese that should melt a little. You can add ham and some type of chile.

Other typical ingredients such as apricot, a fruit resembling the peach is mentioned on many occasions by Quico.

Jamaica, lime and tamarind. Those were the flavors of fresh water that sold the Chavo. The last two ingredients are known to us, but very few know what is jamaica and what he knows.

It is a tea made with pink flowers in Jamaica. A tea is usually taken cold and sold on the streets of Mexico. It is red and sugar is added to give a better flavor.

The gruel is another traditional drink that is prepared using pinole (flour obtained by grinding whole grains of corn). Sweetened with sugar or honey and the result is a viscous liquid that is served hot.

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