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And the 20 cities with more Michelin stars are ...

And the 20 cities with more Michelin stars are ...

See the destinations with the best rating, per hundred thousand inhabitants, in the famous Red Guide

Several cities are vying for title of world's gastronomic capitals. And indeed it is a somewhat subjective term, because what are the criteria: the quality of its restaurants , that of the inputs that are grown and produced there, the fame of chefs , cultural heritage?

If we talk about the excellent restaurants, undoubtedly the Michelin Guide is the universal tool to qualify and set up a ranking of cities with the best places to eat.

The red famous publication was the tool of choice for dining section of the 'Huffington Post' to know what the 20 cities with the best restaurants. And instead of just adding what they did was to apply a formula to calculate the number of Michelin stars per hundred thousand inhabitants in each city.

Kioto,  Mapas
View in Google Maps for some of the Michelin-starred restaurants in the Japanese city of Kyoto.

"We regard New York as a city, with more than 8 million residents and five municipalities. This gave a relatively low position in the ranking. But if we let alone participate Manhattan, had obtained an impressive 4.2 stars by 100 people, which would have ranked at number seven, "explains the online newspaper.

Check the explanation of why one of the most cosmopolitan cities, home to some of the most renowned restaurants in the world, not on the list, do know what they are.

"If ever there was a local food style that lends itself to the glory Michelin, this is the famous kaiseki cuisine of Kyoto , where diners sit in calm and rest rooms, where they served dish after dish of traditional and intricate preparations. "

In this area of Japan , where people live 1'465 .917, seven restaurants with three Michelin stars (throughout the United States there are nine). To this we must add those locations to one or two awards of the Red Guide, which makes a total of 136 stars. This is 9.3 per hundred thousand inhabitants.

Some consider it the best city to eat. Not only has three restaurants with three Michelin stars and Mugaritz , which has two and is the third in the list San Pellegrino is also known tapas bars. In San Sebastian you have 14 stars: 7.5 per hundred thousand citizens.

3. Bergamo (Italy)
Located 45 minutes from Milan, if you go by car, this town full of ancient villas adds 8 Michelin stars. With only 120,694 inhabitants, the average is 6.6 per hundred thousand stars.

4. Kamakura (Japan)
The experts in gastronomy "The Huffington Post" feature that when Alain Ducasse tried tomatoes grown in Kamakura said there was no other to be compared in the world. This city has ten restaurants with Michelin stars, one each. Your score on this table? 5.7.

Have you heard of this place ? It is a small town west of Germany has nothing more and nothing less than two restaurants with the highest rating in the Michelin guide. With only 105,723 inhabitants is placed within the top five.

The best known restaurant in this city is Karmeliet, with three stars and known for his "rare combination of unpretentious atmosphere with food and world class service." In Bruges , home to 116,741 people, focus 6 Michelin stars.

"Who would have thought 15 years ago when Kobe was recovering from one of the most disastrous earthquake in history, the city will not only rise but that would occupy seventh place in the ranking of those with the best restaurants the world? "says the paper.

Well, today this city of Japan has 64 Michelin stars, ie, 4.2 per hundred thousand people who inhabit it.

Birthplace of 'cuisine novuelle' (new kitchen), Lyon is also home to the famous restaurant of Paul Bocuse , who has three Michelin stars. In total, 20, 4.1 per hundred thousand inhabitants.

This is a city with a relatively small population (just 147,571 people), but meets 6 stars, a figure that places it in this position in the ranking. Salzburg is totally opposite to Vienna, a city with one of the lowest grades in this list.

In the City of Lights, there are 85 Michelin stars, 3.9 per hundred thousand. "The whole concept of modern haute cuisine has its roots in Paris (...). Parisian chefs have taken command of restaurants throughout the world, and many Parisians have not been in Paris to hone their craft. "

"His status as one of the commercial capital of Japan, allows you to have three restaurants with three Michelin stars, including the pioneer Hajime, which opened in 2008," the article said. Overall, in Osaka there are 95 Michelin stars, 3.6 per 100 000 inhabitants.

12. MODENA (Italy)
This city is home to the famous restaurant of Massimo Bottura , Osteria Franciscan, which this year ranked fourth on the list San Pellegrino. In total, Modena has five Michelin stars, making an average of 2.7 per 100 000 citizens.

In this French city known for its famous cathedral, there are good restaurants that make it also an attractive cuisine. For example, L'Assiette Champenoise is, with two stars. A total of 2.7 per 100 000 residents.

According to "The Huffington Post," this city is sometimes called 'Las Vegas of the East'. In Macao concentrated 14 Michelin stars, giving it a score of 2.6.

If we talk about quantity, Tokyo is the city that builds Michelin stars. In the Japanese city there are 14 restaurants with the highest score in the Red Guide. But applying the ratio to the number of inhabitants (13'010 279), the number is low: 2.5.

The only city in the list. Among American critics, San Francisco dispute with New York country's culinary crown. But this competition is a clear winner: "San Francisco has more than twice of stars per capita than New York, and that is not including the region in which are two of the most acclaimed restaurants, French Laundry and Manresa, which have three and two stars respectively, "says the middle. Thus, this California city gets 2.2 stars.

Despite being small, Geneva has four restaurants that are part of the constellation of Michelin, as Le Vertig'O. For every 100 thousand inhabitants, there are 2.1 stars.

It's just in the Danish capital where is located the world's best restaurant by San Pellegrino list: Noma , chef Rene Redzepi . The property has two of the 11 Michelin-starred Copenhagen , a city that accumulates 2 points.

Located on the border with Germany, the food of Strasbourg is notorious Teutonic influences. Some of the renowned restaurants you can visit here are the Au Crocodile and Le Chef Eric Westermann Buerehiesel. With a total of five stars and a population of 272,975 inhabitants, scored 1.8.

Perhaps one of the main attractions of this French resort are beautiful beaches, but nice also has six restaurants with Michelin stars. What it does, as measured by the "Huffington Post", you have a score of 1.7.

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