Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beware Fraudulent vegan recipes with photos

Beware Fraudulent vegan recipes with photos.

He has called attention to an article in which an American vegan blogger has uncovered fraud carried out VegNews readers, both in digital media and in the paper, the magazine illustrated with photographs vegan recipes fraudulent prescriptions were actually containing meat or other derivatives that are not used in the vegan diet. Recall that veganism is a philosophy and a lifestyle which extols respect for animals and completely eliminates the use of products derived from the animal kingdom.

To date, VegNews has been considered a prestigious and popular magazine in the vegan world, but after uncovering the fraud, who knows ... Anyway, the blog Quarrygirl has been reported that this magazine has been using photos recipes from a bank of images, illustrations containing animal products and which are contrary to the vegan diet, but also those responsible for publication using Photoshop to hide the true ingredients of vegan recipes. For example, some soy burgers burger was actually normal that with appropriate modifications, was given another look.


The magazine preaches a lifestyle, but instead of preparing the recipes and photographs, they agreed to reduce costs to the bank of images, possibly would not have been discovered using non-vegan recipes to illustrate the recipes. The blogger has established its case with screenshots and photographs after the news spread, the group did not expect vegan his criticism VegNews through all the news channels, Web and especially social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter .

Perhaps those responsible for VegNews not understand the magnitude of what was awaiting them, an outraged community who felt cheated and swindled. After the first barrage of criticism, it seems that the magazine acted normally and ran a new recipe , a muffin or cupcake also published in the Wall of Facebook, suffered a barrage of criticism and obviously questioned photography.

There was no reverse and it was best to acknowledge the mistake and so did the responsible VegNews through a statement in which they explain their values, their motivation and the causes that have led to use photographs of non-vegan dishes at one time Some arguments are funny, and somehow we can deduce that it insults the intelligence of readers. The magazine apologized and referred to the lack of economic resources, and to photograph a vegan dish seems to be not economically viable. As mentioned, readers are smart and they were not satisfied, which led to a second statement four days later.

The new statement says they made ​​a mistake, apologize, a little patience and assure that it will not happen anymore, it creates a collective commitment to respect the vegan and illustrations are committed to using only vegan, in fact, create a bank pictures with vegan recipes. The most curious case, and as we read in the digital publication El Mundo , is that the same blogger who uncovered the fraud of the photographs, in 2009 received an award from the magazine for an investigative report which put uncovered a fraud in vegan restaurants in Los Angeles, they used ingredients that were not in the vegan diet.

Blogger Quarrygirl has announced it will return the prize, and shows respect for their lifestyle and by the collective American vegan. We could say that the hunter has been hunted, set an example for VegNews for other magazines do not make the same mistake.

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