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Bipolar Disorder. Foods to avoid if you have Bipolar Disorder (Mania, Depression)

Bipolar Disorder. Foods to avoid if you have Bipolar Disorder (Mania, Depression)

Bipolar disorder is characterized by drastic mood swings, to be exceedingly glad (state which is called mania) is going to be depressed.

This psychiatric illness is treated and controlled with medication. However, recent research indicates that having an unhealthy diet promotes mood instability, reports everydayhealth

Thus, people diagnosed with this disease should avoid eating certain foods. "It will also improve the health of your heart. This is important because, with bipolar disorder have higher risk of heart disease or vascular, "says the article.

Five Foods to Avoid

"Stimulants can cause mania and should be avoided," says psychiatrist Jess G. Fiedorowicz, University of Iowa (USA). So, obviously, caffeine should be set aside.

One of the main characteristics of this substance is that deprives you of sleep. And this is one of the main reasons that trigger mood swings and mania. In addition, caffeine increases anxiety and can also affect the effect of medication.

Another type of drinks that are outside the permitted limits are alcoholic. Besides altering the mood, alcohol falls badly with psychoactive drugs. And as if that were not enough, "people with bipolar disorder tend to become addicted to alcohol and other substances."

To avoid metabolic syndrome, the precursor to diabetes, many patients suffer from this disease, we must stop eating sugar. A second reason for departing from the sweet: the emotional roller coaster caused by the discharge of blood sugar is added to the mania. "If you really want something sweet, eat fruit," advises the site specializing in health.

If you take lithium, moderate your intake of salt can be difficult: "a change, either an increase or a sharp decline can affect your levels of lithium," says the article. The recommended daily allowance of this condiment is between 1,500 and 2,300 milligrams a day.

Fat is also dangerous. Fiedorowicz suggests following the recommendations of the American Heart Association to limit saturated and trans fats in the diet: the case of products of animal origin, must opt ​​for lean protein and low fat dairy products.

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