Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Candwich, canned sandwich , great and delicious idea

Candwich, canned sandwich , great and delicious idea.

A new food product that is marketed in the United States is notable for being an idea contrary to the boom in consumption of fresh food and ecological, is the Candwich (sandwich canning). The head of the new product is the company Mark One Foods and announce the product as a perfect food for all people who 'do not have time. " Especially it enhances the container that preserves the sandwich for a year, ensuring its freshness as the first day.


The Candwich not need refrigeration so also is the possibility of use as a food emergency in the event of natural disasters. This is not a new product, as has been available since last year at a price of $ 12 (8'21 euros) for four units. Mark Kirkland, is the creator of the sandwich canning and president of the company that sells, offers all kinds of arguments that praise the product, time savings, comfort and ease in transport to enjoy a sandwich (which resembles a roll ) prepared with peanut butter and strawberry jam .

The operator compares the sandwich format Candwich or canned with a water bottle, years ago was consumed tap water , today the trend is the bottled water , their arguments demonstrate, in our opinion, little respect for the environment and knowing the problems environmental risks associated with bottled water, is undoubtedly an unfortunate comparison. The company says that the food can be distributed just as beverages or soft drinks in vending machines, is indeed the case, but certainly does not fit in the line of promoting a healthy diet with fresh seasonal products.


Does it really so hard to prepare a snack or a cold sandwich? Not say that the food emergencies that occur after a natural disaster, the product can be an interesting temporary help, but in our opinion, it is always best to prepare a snack or sandwich with fresh bread and healthy foods, it takes just minutes. The ingredients are chosen on the basis that this combination is a popular food among children in the U.S., a great idea to promote food fresh and natural for children (obviously it is an irony).

In fact, canned sandwich is not a finished product comes in a can containing a loaf of bread, peanut butter and strawberry jam in individual containers to be applied over the bread. Following the launch of this product, the company is already planning to launch a Candwich chicken with barbecue sauce on a pizza, unlike the first sandwich canning, this product will be ready to eat simply opening the can without making any manipulation. We are surprised to learn that Mark Kirkland indicates that those who do not like cold pizza, the solution is simple, just place the can in the sun to warm up the pizza.


On the nutritive value of Candwich with peanut butter and strawberry jam, the official website of the company can not find the information, we can only know what the president says the company in the article by BBC World , highlights the proteins contained in peanut butter and that the product is part of the traditional diet of U.S. children. A nutritionist Argentina says that the nutritional value is not the most suitable for their fat content and the product of serious concern because it encourages fast food prepared.

Well, we certainly prefer a sandwich or toast, who's resisting the toast of eggplant, tomato, anchovy oil and cottage , a bread stuffed with bacon, peppers and onions , or bacon and cheese sandwich Maasdam ... or just a ham sandwich?

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