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Five mistakes of parents to feed their children

Five mistakes of parents to feed their children.

Many times parents with school-age children not given the importance of the case to the lunchboxes their children wear to school. The prepared without nutritional criteria and think that by placing a juice natural, a sandwiches and a fruit theme is closed.

The site Epicurious published a note with the five most common mistakes when discuss the parents to feed their young.

Lunch boxes that HARM
By now, many must already be clear that neither the candy , cookies, snacks , sodas , juices and energy drinks are healthy products. For example, a bottle of soda has on average twice the amount of calories a child needs per day.

Hábitos alimenticios
(Illustration: Victor Aguilar Rua)

If parents were not able to adequately prepare a lunchbox, they often choose to give money to their children, which makes these products buy little nutritional value in the kiosks .

Snacks between meals
At home, some children eat small snacks before meals and at lunch or dinner no longer hungry. "The house rule to ban snacks two hours before dinner," says the article by Tanya Steel .

Feeding a child much or little thin with a little overweight is not advisable. According to the release notes, it is necessary to visit a nutritionist and that recommend a special diet according to their weight and age.

The child must not only eat well, but to understand that what you are eating is what you really need. Thus, it prevents the child one day refuses to eat dinner or lunch. "It's important to eat everything you serve and learn what is nutritious."

The menu should not tire or saturate. Parents should be resourceful with the dishes and lunch boxes to keep the child gets bored of the same. From time to time may be given a gustito like a hamburger, candy or soda, but it is important to maintain the style of healthy living .

Although the article does not mention it, many studies show that people (especially children) who eat watching television may be overweight. This is because while we are attentive to the screen are not aware of how and what to eat.

"Many parents use TV as a tool for their children to access food, this is the way it should be replaced by others as the conversation. That, in turn, will help strengthen family communication, "says a note published earlier this year in this newspaper.

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