Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rotten Meat, the new fashion food in Europe, details

Rotten Meat, the new fashion food in Europe, details.

They say this 'delicacy' is a nutty flavor.

An Austrian butcher has become a 'genius' culinary secret very particular: let the meat spoil. "Mold will make germs dying. The meat takes on a nutty flavor and people love it," he says.

Decaying meat sold to restaurants, who are already scrambling to include it on their menus. Those who have eaten claim that has some very unique nutty flavor.

So far only a few know the secret of its preparation. We know the temperature of the chambers where the meat is kept is 2 degrees Celsius, but has not yet been released in the humidity level has to stay.

La carne en descomposición se vende a restaurantes, quienes ya se pelean por incluirla en sus menús. Foto: Getty Images

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