Monday, August 8, 2011

Supermarket Cart with touchscreen, Where Can I find them?

Supermarket Cart with touchscreen, Where Can I find them?

SK Telecom is a company based in South Korea, is a pioneer in the mobile phone industry and now one of the wireless service providers to innovate.
Today we the launch of a new shopping cart with touch screen or tablet PC can be synchronized with smart phones that have previously installed the smart cart application.

The application can make the shopping list to know the product availability of consumer and taking into account the current offers from the supermarket.

SK Telecom

Once the list, simply go to the mall and synchronize shopping cart touchscreen mobile phone. Find products shopping list will not be a problem, we could propose a cart path to further identify what are aisles and shelves of food and products from our list.

The new technology is system-based RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, which only shows product information and offers. With the new synchronization with mobile phones the information is extensive, you will know exactly where the food and know when the most attractive offers, which products include discount vouchers or savings for future purchases, specific information about each product , products have been purchased from the list and the remaining to be purchased. Although not specified, we assume that you can access the labels of the products in question, knowing its nutritional value, composition, etc..

carrito de compra con teléfono móvil

Apparently, the technology is quite precise positioning, using the UWB (radio waves of broadband can offer very large information packets over short distances) and the system Zigbee (wireless communication protocols), the range of error in locating a given product is less than one meter. The company has launched the pilot in a chain of supermarkets in Shanghai and hopes that this system becomes popular smart purchase. Obviously supermarkets and retail chains will benefit from the touch screen information and interesting facts that will reveal which products most interest to consumers, have a history of purchases, the volume of average expenditure, and so on.

All this information can be used to further facilitate customer purchases, and after analyzing the business records of every consumer, it may make appropriate changes so products, most appropriate location, etc.. In addition this information could be used to communicate with suppliers of food and other products, adjusting the manufacturing or storing them more accurately to demand. The company claims that this system of smart shopping is positioned as a necessity to save time and money for everyone involved. Surely this system will revolutionize the strategy of supermarkets to sell more .

You can learn more about the new intelligent shopping cart we have known in Designbuzz through the official website of SK Telecom.

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