Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Tweetpie," a new cookbook with recipes of 140 characters

"Tweetpie," a new cookbook with recipes of 140 characters.

it gathers more than 200 preparations collected from the popular microblogging network

How many words are needed to write a prescription ? Well, according to a survey this year to describe how to make a roast, using 872 words Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver , 773.

It was this information that inspired a British brand of kitchens to collect information through Twitter and publish a book with recipes only 140 characters, the maximum allowed in a tweet.


The publication is titled "Tweet Pie" and its cover is described as "the cookbook world's shortest." However, it is the first of its kind. In October last year was released "Eat tweet" , a book that grew out of the habit of the author to write prescriptions for their friends through the popular social networking microblogging.

The difference in this new cookbook is that it was a collective work: the more than 200 recipes were written by different people, from amateurs to well-known chefs cooks. And also features photographs taken by users themselves.

"Tweet Pie" is on sale on eBay. The money raised will be donated to charity FoodCycle.

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