Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why some people dislike the wine?

Why some people dislike the wine?

After a few drinks many end up with an upset stomach, skin allergies, nasal congestion and headaches

The wine is one of the world's most popular beverage, but not everyone like him. After a few drinks, some people have different types of allergies such as nasal congestion, sneezing, skin rashes, upset stomachs and, of course, headache . The explanation for these reactions would be molecules that most wines contain.

According to the website publishes Stuff.co.nz , recent research by Danish scientists said that eight out of every 100 people suffer from these problems. In his report ruled that pesticides and herbicides used in the production of grapes are the culprits.

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Dr. Giuseppe Palmisano said the glycoproteins (sugar-coated protein) would have to see. "Isolated glycoproteins chardonnay 28 and compared with a database of known allergens," says the website.

"Three were left out. One of them is similar to allergenic proteins found in latex and pears. Another looks like a latex protein and a protein of olive and the third looks like one of the strongest of all allergens, a protein of ragweed that causes hay fever . "

The research could lead to the winemaking techniques that reduce or eliminate these molecules and finally we can all enjoy this drink without fear of consequences.

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