Friday, September 23, 2011

The beer Hydrate like water after sport

The beer Hydrate like water after sport. 
Brussels (EFE). A study presented today in Brussels shows that moderate consumption of beer after physical exercise is as effective as water for rehydration and recovery, according to medical experts have said.
This is one of the findings presented today at the "VI European Symposium on Beer and Health", where they participated in the EU specialists in medicine, nutrition and feeding.
Dr. Manuel Castillo, Granada University, presented the results of a study carried out with a group of young men, and that was to measure the body's reaction to the ingestion of water or beer after intense physical exertion.
"We conducted the study to see if the widespread custom of taking a beer after exercise was something desirable or not," Castillo told the media after his speech.
The conclusion was that a moderate amount of beer in particular, two "thirds" or bottles-"not a problem that harms the rehydration that occurs after exercise."
In this sense, the beer would be "just as you drink water," and recommended the consumption of fermented drink to all those who have no contraindication.
"We did not find neither a specific nor a negative effect could be attributed to the intake of beer compared with the ingestion of water only," he said Castillo.

Also, the doctor noted that during the lectures will be presented another study that rules out the relationship between beer consumption and the tendency to develop "beer belly".
Dr. Ramon Estruch, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, ​​explains his results from several studies showing that moderate consumption of beer "helps prevent stroke, thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect arteries."
It also provides protection against cardiovascular risk factors, such as diabetes, improved blood pressure and lipid profile, ie, lowers bad cholesterol and increase good, or the parameters of inflammation caused by atherosclerosis.
The alcohol in beer "has some positive effects," which are multiplied together with nonalcoholic components such as polyphenols.
The doctor said that currently are conducting research to determine whether the benefits of beer with alcohol on healthy people is greater than the beer "without", but noted that there is evidence to believe that the former has certain positive effects .
In any case, Estruch stressed the importance of "Beer is consumed within a healthy eating pattern, and particularly of the Mediterranean diet."
Dr. Maria Teresa Fernandez Aguilar, Health Agency of Valencia, said the effects beneficial beer without alcohol for nursing mothers.
The doctor and pediatrician referred to a study presented in August in Valencia, which showed that children breastfed by mothers who consumed two beers without alcohol while breastfeeding is less likely to suffer diseases such as cancer and atherosclerosis, due to transmission antioxidant components of the beverage.
"The results surprised us ourselves," said Fernandez, who added that the beer "no" would be more advisable than other soft drinks based chemistry.

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