Friday, September 23, 2011

The world's most expensive dessert is worth $ 26,000

The world's most expensive dessert is worth $ 26,000.
Years ago an ice cream coated in gold leaf had become the most expensive dessert history . value? a whopping sum of $ 25,000. Today this has been relegated to second place with the preparation of a cannoli, a traditional dessert from Sicily (Italy), which costs no less than $ 26,000.
The cannoli is a cake filled with cream cheese and other goodies exclusive Italian, rolled into a tube by a crusty mass. What makes it so expensive? The dough is made ​​of edible gold and also wears a necklace of diamonds (not eaten, but it helps most coveted).
As pointed out by the Web Pitch , the cake was put on display at Jasper's Restaurant in Texas by chef Jasper Mirabile. The proceeds from its sale will go to charitable activities.

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