Saturday, September 3, 2011

The effect of coffee is in our minds, says study

The effect of coffee is in our minds, says study.

"In the mornings, I just wake up after drinking a cup of coffee." Does that phrase sound familiar? It is something that many people who consume caffeine quite often say. Well, apparently that idea would be more psychological than physiological reasons.
Scientists at the University of East London looked at how "real" is the effect of coffee: As reported by "The Daily Mail" , studied 88 volunteers used to take at least two cups of beverage per day.
One group was given coffee regularly, but told them it was decaffeinated. While the other was given the drink without caffeine itself into believing that contained it. Then I did some tests designed to measure the activity of mind, resilience and humor. 
While the first group showed better performance in some tests, did not seem to have a better ability to react. And on the other hand, those who thought they had taken caffeine had better results in all tests.
In conclusion, everything is in our mind. "The findings suggest that the expectation of having consumed caffeine provides an improvement in care that is comparable, perhaps superior, to the effect of caffeine," the researchers said the study authors published in "Appetite".

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