Monday, September 5, 2011

How to identify a bad chocolate?

How to identify a bad chocolate? 

Have you found a chocolate in your pocket, wallet in the drawer in the cupboard? Do not know how long there? Do you doubt whether you should eat it or not? Whoever is involved does not guarantee that it is completely safe. Better find out what is meant by the following features.
We used to think that any white layer on top of a food indicates the presence of fungi. However, this does not apply to chocolate. "When the fat of butter cocoa chocolate that has separated from the cocoa mass, rises to the surface, "explains an article in the 'Huffington Post' . 
Changes in temperature and humidity can cause the chocolate sugar from crystallizing. While this is not harmful to your health , the grainy texture may not be very pleasant.
Like other foods, the smell can tell us much of his state and in the case of chocolate, their flavor. "Chocolate absorbs flavors like a sponge, especially when they have been stored in a refrigerator full of tasty food. The best way to store it tightly wrapped in a cool, dry place away from strong smelling foods, "she advises.
How long does chocolate? According to the article, it is best to consume before you spend a year since it happened. However, some of these high-quality candies can be eaten after this time. "Some chocolates and wine improve with time."
Well, finally, the first bite will alert you if there is anything "strange". For example, if you're too bitter or if you notice a flavor that is uncharacteristic of the chocolate itself, it is best boats you have in your mouth and eat more.

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