Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to keep a wine and enjoy it fully

How to keep a wine and enjoy it fully. 

If a bottle of wine comes into our hands is necessary to pay particular attention to where we will put it to ensure good conservation. Time to uncork we must also take into account other details such as temperature, marriage and type of container you drink. The Web Planet Joy made ​​a list of tips to keep our bottle of wine is spoiled or not retain all its properties. Here are a few. 

While not every home have a warehouse, we can do much to ensure the health of our wine. For example, we avoid storing in the kitchen or other places that are exposed to changing temperatures. Simply turn on the oven or burners produces alterations in the bottle by changing its smell, color and flavor. It is important to be in a cool, stable temperature and not too exposed to light. We must keep away from places with strong odors, as these penetrate the cork and damage the original flavor of the wine.

Not all wines are equal and each one requires a special temperature when being uncorked. "They take cold sparkling, fresh whites and reds to the so-called room temperature is not a fad. The acidity of the sparkling white and usually higher than the red, so they need to be cold, "says the note. The publication adds that "in the red, cold but blocks attenuates alcohol aromas and tannins get rough. The ideal is to take between 13 ° C and 17 ° C. For the bubbles, 8 ° C, for whites, 11 º C ". 

Many times it has been said that wine glasses do not alter the virtues of wine, "are made ​​of a noble material that has no flavor and easy to clean." Plastic cups are prohibited. We must take into account the pairing , because there are foods that when combined with a wine let us taste awful.

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